Colorado Holidays


The State of Colorado is a popular tourist destination, and has been a hotspot for tourists since the end of World War 2. If you are planning to go on a family vacation to Colorado, this article will help you gain a general idea of the places to visit while you are there, and the activities you can enjoy. We will also discuss viable accommodation options within your budget.

Colorado in a Nutshell

With a total population of over 5 million, the State of Colorado is known for the hailstorms, thunderstorms, and heavy snowfall in its least populated areas. The state has several amazing geological and geographical features, including mountains, plains, lakes, rivers, and springs. The Rocky Mountains provide several attractions for tourists. While there you will see breathtaking scenes such as the Grand Mesa and the Walls of Glenwood Canyon.

Things to Do

If you are headed to Boulder, Colorado, make sure you visit the Flatirons. For those of you who love rock climbing, it will be an unforgettable experience. For hiking enthusiasts, we recommend Chautauqua. The Eldorado Canyon and the Flagstaff Mountain are recommended for those who are looking for adventure in the great outdoors. You can also enjoy balloon rides, and can spoil yourself with a day at the spa and at several restaurants Boulder has to offer.
In Colorado Springs, you have to go to the Garden of the Gods. It will give you an opportunity to hike and climb, and be one with nature. The Red Rock Canyon and the Seven Falls will also provide you the same opportunity.

In Rocky Mountain National Park, you can enjoy driving on the Trail Ridge Road and the Old Fall River Road, and can walk on the Adams Falls Trail in Grand Lake. There are ranches, museums, stables, visitor centers and several other attractions for tourists that you and your family can enjoy together.

For skiing, we recommend heading to Breckenridge. Besides skiing, there are several other activities on Main Street including several spas and massage centers, and theatres. During the summer, you can enjoy rafting in the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers, and can even enjoy rock climbing and hiking.


The accommodation varies from places to place. While you are out enjoying your family vacation in Colorado, there are several options to choose from in the cities and limited options on the road. You might want to manage your complete vacation within a budget, or you may want to give yourself a treat by choosing to stay in a five star luxury resort.

If you will be taking guided tours, you may have to travel a lot and stay in RVs and Caravans. Whether you are planning to go in the holiday season of this year or at any time during the following, it is better to book accommodations in advance and take advantage of several special packages available at the moment. Your available options may range from B&B hotels, roadside motels to luxury hotels and resorts. We can help you find all inclusive deals and low cost packages at special discounted rates.