Argentina Holidays: Your South American Adventure Awaits

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, this country is home to more than 43 million residents and it boasts more than 2.78 million square kilometres of land.  One of the features which has served to define this country over the ages is that it is associated with a varied climate.  Its northern and central section are known for tropical temperatures while the more southern regions are temperate and quite mild in the summer.  What are some of the main attractions associated with Argentina and are there any worthwhile suggestions to adopt in advance.


What Does Argentina Have to Offer?

Argentina has always been associated with an incredible amount of natural beauty.  Thus, many of the associated attractions involve visits to national parks and similar reserves.  Some of the most well-known and beautiful locations include:

  • Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Los Glaciares National Park
  • Iguazu National Park
  • Nahuel Huapi Lake

In fact, many of these attractions are found on the west coast of the country and quite close to the Pacific Ocean.  This essentially signifies that a day at the beach is never far off.

There are also plenty of historic sites to explore.  The history of Argentina stretches back for thousands of years and you can be assured that this sense of culture is imbued into every facet of life here.  You can visit sites such as Recoleta that are found within the capital city of Buenos Aires or you can instead choose to experience the massive palace known as the Palacio Barolo.  In the same respect, why not take a day trip to famous museums such as Museo Historico UNC Manzana Jesuitica or the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo (The National Museum of Decorative Art)?

Also, Buenos Aires is associated with some amazing spots of its own.  Some core attractions include the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada and naturally, the nearby beaches.  Some worthwhile strips of sand to check out include Villa Gesell, Pina Mar and Necochea.


Travel Suggestions

The average flight time between Argentina (Buenos Aires) and the United Kingdom is just under 14 hours (assuming that you have a direct flight).  So, prepare accordingly for the journey.  It is a good idea (if possible) to arrive during the off season, as prices are generally more amenable.  The off season tends to occur between June and August.  This arises from the fact that the seasons are reversed within the southern hemisphere.  Temperatures are more mild and there are very few rainy days.  It is likewise a good idea to learn at least a basic level of Spanish so you will be able to communicate with taxi drivers and hotel personnel.  While locations within major urban centres are associated with a fair level of English, the same cannot be said for smaller villages and urban destinations.

Argentina is one of the jewels of South America and visiting here will provide you with some amazing memories.  Knowing what to expect is the best way to make the most out of your upcoming holiday.