Train Travel

Travelling to a destination by train is an excellent alternative to flying or driving. Not only does nearly every city have access to a train station, but this is a stress-free and enjoyable means to see the world. Cabins are spacious, numerous services such as dining cars are generally available and the panoramic views are simply unmatched. Also, those who are afraid of flying will certainly be put at ease. Let us look at some of the most well-known train destinations.

Popular Destinations in the United Kingdom

There are a number of major destinations in the United Kingdom such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. For those who may be considering a rail journey, it is a good idea to look at some travel times including:

  • The average time between London and Birmingham is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.
  • Trains departing from London to Edinburgh depart every two hours and the total journey takes five hours.
  • Trains from London to Wales (depending upon the destination) will take between two and three and a half hours.

However, many instead choose a train to enjoy more scenic and idyllic views. A handful of the most extraordinary locations are Inverness, Newcastle, Edinburgh and the journey between Oxford and Hereford. Travel times and specific routes will naturally differ.

Some of the most recognised train companies within the United Kingdom include Virgin Trains, East Coast, Grand Central and Chiltern Railways. Another excellent advantage is that tickets can be easily purchased by navigating to the website in question. They can also be obtained at the physical station although prices will tend to be higher.

Popular Destinations in Europe

There are a milieu of destinations to enjoy when one is departing from London by rail. In most cases, the major hubs will all arrive at Paris. Cities such as Munich, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Vienna are all easily reachable through different connections. Still, there are others who may wish to take an entire tour of Europe. This is an excellent way to absorb the landscape in unsurpassed comfort. For those who hope to experience stunning mountain views of the Alps, the verdant green hills of southern France or the azure blue coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, trains are indeed the perfect options.

Of course, it is always wise to know a rough estimate of the times between a handful of the major destinations such as:

  • London to Paris: Two hours and fifteen minutes.
  • Paris to Madrid: Approximately twelve hours.
  • Paris to Amsterdam: Approximately three and a half hours.
  • Barcelona to Munich: Approximately twenty hours.
  • Paris to Rome: Approximately twelve hours.

Note that these times will vary depending upon the carrier. Some of the largest European train companies are SNCF (France), RENFE (Spain) and TrenItalia (Italy).