London Theatre Tickets

London; the name itself shows class, as do most things British.

London is one of the busiest metro cities in the world. Every year, millions of tourists are simply pulled towards this major cultural and political hub. Not only is this city famous for its amazing relics of the past, but also of its world-class theater presentations.
But being the capital city of Britain, travelling in London is an expensive pursuit. That does not mean you cannot roam around on a limited budget; all you need is a little insight. Read on.
One of the best things of London is that it is not spread over a large geographical area as compared to other major metropolitan cities of the world. Walking is always a great option in London, and there is a price for using your legs.

The next best alternative will also not run your bank. Get a bus ticket and take a bus tour of this famous city. Or if you value speed, taking a tube is also a possibility which is just a little costly than the bus.
By bus tour, we did not mean the official tours promoted by tourist companies. They do cost a lot. Simply get a map, and take the public bus to reach your destination. That would be quiet an adventure.
The London Taxi is by far the most convenient mode of travel for a tourist, but since you are running on a tight budget, avoid it! Don’t even think of calling a cab unless there are a couple of people travelling with you who can share the fare.

There are some places, like the infamous Hyde Park which are simply free. That is it. Go inside, take a stroll, and walk out. Simple as that!
But we are concerned with the London West End, which is home to the city’s finest stage acts. It is a must for tourists who visit London for the first time. What’s a visit to London without a show at the West End?
But then again, it isn’t all that cheap. Going to a theatre is quite similar to going for a movie. You need to travel to the place, and then spend on additional eating and drinking. The total cost goes well beyond expectations. Getting a discount on the other hand is not impossible either.
Some of the ways to avail the cheapest London Theatre tickets is to look for promotional offers. For example, many theatres offer a 2 for 1 discount. You can also get a lower rate on special days, but you have to do some research first.

The internet can help you in this regard. Many people run websites that provide information on cheap London Theatre tickets. If you want to gain entry into a classic English play at a low price, keep searching these websites every now and then.
Special ticket booths like one at Leicester Square offer tickets at the half price if you visit it one week before the play. It is operated by the Society of London Theatre itself, so authorization is guaranteed.
Equally important is the Leicester Squares Ticket Office, where you can benefit from varying prices each day. If you are lucky, you can get a good discount on any given day. This ticket office can also be accessed online.
Apart from the ticket prices, you can also get information of the cast and crew of the play, details of the production and creative team, as well as the plot synopsis.
Some offers that are promoted include meals as well, which can contribute to further savings. Some deals go even further and offer a full night package which includes the travel, ticker, dinner, and a night stay that ends with breakfast.
So once again, if keep your eyes and ears open, money will not be a problem if you want to enjoy English Theatre.