Disneyworld Florida Tickets

The Walt Disney World Resort, located in Florida, is rated as the most entertaining and most visited resort in the world. The resort covers a land of over 30,000 acres in the western – southern side of the state, and is as big as San Francisco. There are four huge theme parks and two water parks. These parks are the biggest, not to mention, the best in the world. There are numerous additional venues for recreation and entertainment. Other worth-mentioning features include a gymnasium, spa and golf courses. 31 hotels have been constructed in the region to facilitate visitors for an all–night stay. Of these, 23 are owned by Walt Disney itself. There is also a camp area for people who love to sleep in the open grounds and under the sky.

The water parks are named the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Typhoon Lagoon has the largest water pool in the world. The idea behind the park is that a storm created a lot of destruction on a peaceful island. The whole park has been constructed such that everything is scattered all over the place and is damaged as well. Blizzard beach gives the sense of a snowstorm in the area. The park is divided into sections of red, green and purple colors to aid visitors. Most of the attractions are atop Mount Gushmore.

The four major theme parks are named the Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Animal Kingdom Park and Epcot. The Magic Kingdom Park has the essence of fairy tales. The fun park is a witness to the thrill, adventure and even the characters. It is divided into six fancy lands: Main Street US, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, New Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Hollywood Studios is just like a site for movie shooting and offers the same amusement as films. It includes live shows, popular stars and backstage tours. The Animal Kingdom Park is confined to nature. There are artificial forest, jungles, islands and oases. An entire section has been dedicated to the ‘Minnie’ character. The park also features a Dinoland. Epcot has been divided into Future World and World Showcase. Future World is a tribute to the outer space stuff. There is even a satellite Earth. World Showcase is a representation of eleven different countries including the US, UK, Mexico, Italy and Japan. It demonstrates the culture and cuisine of these countries.

The attractions and facilities all sum up together to an adventure of a lifetime. Anyone who has been there would agree with this. If you are not among these, then it is high time that you pack your bags and make the move. If you are short of budget, then avail the numerous deals out there. There are a lot of discounts available, which considerably reduce the total expenditure. Overall the entire package is relatively cheap.

The passes to the theme parks are available for $94.79 USD for ages above 10 and $88.40 USD for ages below 10. The water park tickets are priced at $55.38 USD for ages above 10 and $46.86 USD for ages below 10. The annual passes are priced at $611.31 USD, and have no restrictions on time and attractions. The Magic Your Way tickets offer a discount to all amusement parks. The ticket is valid for a period of 1 to 10 days and the price is almost reduced by half. If the Water Park Fun & More option is availed, the water parks can also be enjoyed at an additional cost of $22, which is again almost half of the single day pass. So this is a fairly cheap deal comparatively. There is also a special discount for Floridian residents. And if someone loves Disneyworld to the utmost, a passport can be purchased, registering the individual as a permanent citizen.