Alton Towers Tickets

Alton Towers, located in Staffordshire, is the largest theme park in England. The primary focus of the Towers can be best summarized by their slogan “Making Britain Happy”. This fun park attracts approximately three million visitors annually. These staggering numbers qualify Alton Towers to be the 9th most visited theme park in Europe.
The flagship resort is owned by Nick Leslau, but is operated by Merlin Entertainments. The Alton Towers feature plenty of attractions that attain the interest of everyone in the family.

Things to Do

The Alton Towers is an adventure filled resort. The resort features an immensely popular theme park, a water park called Cariba Creek, two hotels called The Splash Landings Hotel and The Alton Towers Hotel, a tranquil spa, two 9-hole golf courses called Extraordinary Golf, and a state of the art conference center. Some of the most renowned rides in the fun park include the Nemesis, Oblivion, and Th13teen.
The Alton Towers Theme Park is operational from late March to early November. Their Water Park is operational throughout the year; however it is closed during most of January. Needless to say, the hotels, spa, golf course, conference center, and restaurants inside the premises are operational throughout the year.
Some of the most popular events hosted by the Alton Towers include their signature Halloween oriented Scare Fest, their yearend Fireworks, and Christmas Parties.

Saving Money

Visiting Alton Towers can be expensive especially because amusement parks usually charge premium prices for food, refreshments, and souvenirs. So, it is best to find and utilize the cheapest deals available in order to enjoy the adventure at a discount.
There are several methods of saving money during a trip to Alton Towers. Listed below are three of the most authentic and money-saving websites that are updated regularly with the latest deals, discounts, and offers that customers may avail.

Official Website: The official Alton Tower website features plenty of offers such as Save 40% on Theme Park Tickets. As the name of the offer suggests, this offer allows customers to save 40% on their tickets. However, these tickets should be purchased a full 7 days prior to the visit date. Customers may also save 20% by purchasing tickets 2 days prior to visiting Alton Towers.
Apart from saving money, purchasing tickets online allows the customers to print tickets in the convenience of their homes and saves them from the agony of standing in long queues that one must go through in order to purchase tickets to gain entry into the amusement park.
These offers also allow the customers to gain admission an hour prior to general customers. Availing these offers allow the customer to enter the premises at 9:00 a.m. instead of their scheduled opening time of 10:00 a.m. This empowers the customer’s to enjoy the most popular rides without having to stand in the huge lines that form after park is open to general customers because the park is fully operation at 9:00 a.m.

Also, it is important to note this discount is available for individuals and groups.
There are also various discounts on seasonal passes available on the Alton Tower’s official website. This third party website informs customers about the latest deals and offers for a wide variety of businesses. They host a dedicated page for Alton Towers. All deals are verified and checked routinely by their Voucher Hunter Team. One of the popular deals on their website is the Alton Towers 2 for 1 with National Rail, which allows two customers to enter the amusement park for the price of one if they have a railway ticket with Uttoxeter as the final destination.

Theme Park Tourist: This website features all official and third party deals, discounts, and offers on a simple website. The website informs customers about the costs of the deals, what the deal includes, and how one may avail it. Deals like the 40% off and 2 for 1 are listed on Theme Park Tourist. There’s also a comment section which is open for customers to comment on the cheap deals they tried. Theme Park Tourist features different discounts for all the facilities in Alton Towers.