St. Anton Ski Hotels

St Anton Ski

St. Anton, short for Sankt Anton am Arlberg, is the most renowned ski resort town in Austria. Located approximately 5,000 feet above ground level, St. Anton has an eight month long skiing season that spans from early November till the end of May. This small town is an immensely popular family holiday destination because of all the various skiing and snowboarding related activities that the town has to offer.

The small town boasts a combined slope distance of approximately 25 miles that has been segregated into different skill classes. St. Anton also has over 120 ski lifts that make these slopes accessible.

St. Anton is a town that has always been extremely friendly and hospitable towards its guests. It is rumored that American tourists convinced some of the ski instructors in St. Anton to immigrate to the States in the early 1930’s. These ski instructors allegedly introduced the sport in America.

The town hosts several competitions and events throughout its ski season. The St. Anton Ski Open is one of the yearly highlights of the town and the next open is expected to be hosted during the end of November. Also, The Fis Alpine World Cup Race will be held on the legendary slopes of St. Anton January.

Things to Know Before Visiting St. Anton

The best deals that are offered by hotels, such as an all inclusive package, which do get sold out well before the ski season starts. So, it is recommended not wait till last minute prior to make reservations. However, a wide variety of lodging options such as B&B’s, hotels, and chalets can still be found at cheap prices throughout the skiing season.

Also, it is important to realize that there are a few hotels in St. Anton that do not cater to children and are exclusively adult only. So, it is best to inquire if patrons of all ages are welcome prior to making reservations.

The three best ski-in and ski-out resorts in St. Anton are Skihotel Galzig, Arlmont, and Hotel Sonnenheim. Located right on the slopes, these hotels are unparallel in customer service, lavishness, and amenities.

Some of the best hotels in the city include Hotel Rundeck, Der Waldhof, and Himmlhof. All of these hotels have different ranges of luxury and modest accommodation options for their guests. They have been rated as some of the best hotels in St. Anton considering factors such as luxury, comfort, and prices.

There are also a large number of apartment rentals that some families prefer because they offer privacy and are much cheaper than hotels. Most apartments can be rented on both nightly and weekly basis. It is important to remember that self catering apartments are generally in residential areas and are not really advisable for those that are planning on skiing or snowboarding throughout their trip.

St. Anton’s success is not limited to just its renowned slopes. This ski resort town has a vibrant nightlife when compared to its counterpart towns. The town has an outstanding combination of exciting clubs, bars, and pubs that attribute to the nightlife.

Also, there are over 27 restaurants that range from fine dining to fast food that cater to the various cravings travelers might have.

The exciting slopes, comfortable hotels, and vibrant après ski activities have earned St. Anton the reputation of being one of the most wholesome ski destinations in all of Europe. The beautiful town is also visited by tourists during its ski-less summers because of the excellent walking trails and the serene sights that the mountain has to offer.

Snow or not, St. Anton is a wonderful little town that is undoubtedly worthy of all the praise it gets.