Courchevel Ski Holidays

Courchevel Ski

There was a time when ski and skiing holidays were meant exclusively for the wealthy. But now you can enjoy family ski holidays in a limited budget, even after the recession has left its marks!

One of the best places to embark for your next ski holidays is Courchevel and its Alpine Resort. When the winter arrives and the snow covers the French Alps, you realize the brilliance of this place and admit its rightful claim to be a skier’s paradise.

Professionals and skiing enthusiasts alike are thrilled by the freshly fallen snow and the wide open spaces that these mountains offer. This topography enables you to enjoy skiing and other winter sports to the max!

So what can you find in Courchevel?

The Alpine Ski resort is spread over 5 villages, each at different altitudes. Some popular names include:
• St Bon (1100 meters)
• Le Praz (1300 meters)
As you go higher, you will come across beautiful and tourist-friendly sites like Courchevel 1550 and Courchevel 1650.

But the highest of all villages in these mountains is the Courchevel 1850. It still claims a premier status among all the villages in the region, and hence is one of the ‘must-visit’ places on your skiing winter holidays.

To enjoy the beauty of this location in its fullness (and also to make your trip cheaper), you should make an attempt to cross the villages on a ferry or a gondola, which is also a traditional boat. Doing this will give you the chance to admire the scenic beauty and local culture of the village on your trip.Not to mention, you can savor the various eateries Courchevel offers!

For the skiing and snowboarding fun, the valley features a ski area that offers 150 km of downhill runs. This along with facilities for other winter sports covers more than 1300 acres of these mountains!But most importantly, Courchevel provides a passage to the Trois Vallees, which by the way is the world’s largest linked ski area.
Apart from the skiing fun, you will be able to immerse yourself in awe-inspiring views of the Italian and Swiss Alps.

For serious skiing enthusiasts and newbies, Courchevel offers hundreds of individual and group skiing lessons, where instructors speak both English and all the local languages. In fact, the number of instructors whose first language is English has grown at impressive rates in the last few years in Courchevel.

But skiing is not the only thing to be done while you are in Courchevel. The resorts and the hotels provide indoor entertainment and recreational facilities as well. You can bowl with friends, enjoy delicious cuisines, and sooth yourself in the spa.

One major issue that most people think about while planning for skiing holidays is booking a chalet. Is that really a cause of concern? The answer is no. There are hundreds of chalets in this region. With so many chalets competing against each other, finding an affordable accommodation is not a difficult task as most people perceive. You can also search the internet or consult a travel agent to get your hands on attractive deals (even last minute deals) or a discount package, which includes accommodation along with the ticket fare.

Although it is likely that you will find a package within your budget, you can always break up the whole thing into small parts. For example, you can book a cheap flight on a less travelled airline. After you land in France, hire a car and a ferry and travel to your final destination on your own. Finally, money can be saved if you find the best deal to rent a holiday apartment, a chalet or hotel room.

So, are you ready to hit the Alps this winter? We have given you enough reasons to do so, with money being the least of your worries.