Warsaw Hotels


Finding accommodation in Poland’s capital is never a problem. Whether you are looking for a basic hostel or a luxury hotel, there is somewhere for everyone in Warsaw. There has recently been a hotel boom in Warsaw that has led to the construction of a number of new hotels. However, staying in Warsaw can be quite expensive for travellers on a tight budget as most Warsaw hotels cater for business visitors and are priced accordingly.

In the city centre you will find a number of popular international chain hotels, like Radisson Blu and Westin. In addition, there are also a couple of upper range hotels just outside of the city centre. As these high-end hotels are targeted at business travellers, they can be quite expensive. In addition, room prices are even higher during April, May, September and October as the city hosts a number of important conferences. However, if you time your visit well, you can make some incredible savings. Tourist season (mid-June through to August) or weekends are a great time to visit Warsaw as room prices in the top hotels can drop by up 40% as the hotels need compensate for the reduction of business travellers.

If you are on a tight budget, you do not necessarily have to stay in a hostel. Indeed, Warsaw has a number of excellent three and four star hotels that are only slightly more expensive than a hostel, yet offer superior comfort. In addition, as is the case with most capital cities, the farther away your hotel is from the city centre, the cheaper room prices tend to be. However, while it may be considerably cheaper to stay on the edge of the city, do remember that it is a considerable commute to the city centre.

There are very few bed and breakfasts available in Warsaw. However, if you look around there are a handful of basic and boutique bed and breakfast establishments to be found.

There is an assortment of hostels in the city that provide great budget accommodation. The number of hostels available increases during the summer when student hostels rent out their spaces. However, do bear in mind that hostels are very popular, especially during the summer, so be sure to arrange your accommodation well in advance.

It is also possible to rent an apartment in Warsaw for both long-term and short-term stays. Apartments provide a comfortable place to stay at a reasonable price and many of them are conveniently situated in city centre near Warsaw’s popular attractions.