Vienna Hotels

Vienna hotels

Given Vienna’s reputation as a classy European city with Old World charm, you can expect to find some of Europe’s most luxurious hotels at the heart of this beautiful city. While it is possible to locate some affordable accommodation in Innere Stadt, the majority of Vienna’s cheap accommodation is situated in the suburbs. In order to ensure that you get the best deal for your hotel, it is essential that you book your room in advance. In addition, if you are planning on visiting Vienna between Christmas and New Year, you should book your room at least a month in advance as the city is exceptionally popular during the winter holiday.

Along the Ringstrasse in Innere Stadt you will find most of Vienna’s luxury hotels, which happen to be some of the finest in all of Europe. As well as an impressive collection of grand hotels such as the Bristol and the Imperial, a number of familiar, luxury hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott have hotels conveniently situated in the heart of Vienna. As many of Vienna’s luxury hotels are housed in former Imperial buildings, they boast stunning Baroque exteriors and sumptuous interiors complete with velvet, gilt and crystal chandeliers.

If you want to stay in luxury accommodation without the Old World drama, wander down the narrower, meandering paths of the Innere Stadt area. Here you will find a handful of smaller, boutique hotels, such as the Alstadt.

As previously mentioned, the more affordable Vienna hotels tend to be situated away from the Innere Stadt area. In the Inner Suburbs you will find a range of cheap hotels and pensions which can be anywhere between a fifth to a quarter cheaper than hotels in Innere Stadt. Although you are not in the city centre, Innere Stadt is easily accessible from the Inner Stadt, so you are never too far away from Vienna’s major sights and attractions. Popular Inner Suburb areas include: Landstrasse, Josefstadt and Neubau.

Although the Outer Suburbs are about a quarter of an hour underground or tram journey away from Innere Stadt, you can find a number of quaint and affordable accommodations in this area. Popular Outer Suburb areas include Hietzing, where the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace is situated, and Währing, which is popular with visitors who love the outdoors as it is near a number of stunning vineyards.

Seasonal hotels are another popular form of cheap accommodation. In the summer months, between July and Septembers, student dormitories are transformed into functioning hotels. While these hotels are lacklustre in comparison to the luxury hotels in the area, they provide comfortable, cheap accommodation and are often not too far from popular tourist attractions.

It is also possible to rent a furnished apartment or private home in Vienna. This is often a popular choice with large families as this type of accommodation offers a lot of space. However, if you do want to rent apartment, make sure that you sort out your accommodation well in advance as this type of accommodation is in limited supply.