Sao Paulo Hotels


Sao Paulo is the financial heart of Brazil, so there is no shortage of hotels. Indeed, the area has over 400 hotels to choose from. You will find that most of the hotels are situated around Avenida Paulista, the financial heart of the city and Jardins, which is also one of the safest regions in the city. There is a mixture of luxury and cheap hotels available. As the city draws in a lot of business visitors during the week, you can get brilliant bargains at the weekend. Not only do some hotels cut room prices by up to 50%, but you’ll find that a number of hotels try and draw in tourists with free breakfasts and dinners or museum packages.

A number of visitors prefer to stay in an economical apart-hotel. While you will not get all the amenities of a first-rate hotel, if you look around, you will find that a number of these apart-hotels have swimming pools, saunas and room service.

When choosing accommodation in Sao Paulo, you not only have to think about what kind of accommodation you would like to stay in, but you will also need to think about whereabouts in the city you would like to stay.

Centro is popular for those who want to be close to all the excitement of daytime downtown and are looking for a cheap hotel. Most of the popular attractions in Sao Paulo are within walking distance and there is plenty of public transport if you want to explore other regions. However, at night there are very few bars and restaurants to visit and some parts of downtown turn into red-light district.

Jardins is a very safe place to stay. While it is quieter here, you can find some of the best cafes, restaurants and bars in the city. Annoyingly, Jardins does not have a Metro station, but you can get to other regions by bus or cab.

Higienópolis is a quiet, quaint neighbourhood not too far from Centro. While it is often overlooked by tourists it has a lot of excellent food places and shops.

Business travellers tend to stay in Avenida Paulista. There are a number of high-end hotels to be found in this neighbourhood and the area is very well-connected. While hotel prices are high during the week, you can definitely secure a weekend bargain when the business travellers leave.