Nuremberg Hotels

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Overall, accommodation in Nuremberg is very affordable and widely available, especially when you remember to reserve your accommodation in advance. However, there are some peak times throughout the calendar where accommodation becomes scarcer and room rates increase. The two main peak times in Nuremberg are the end of January and the beginning of February as this is when the Nürnberg Toy Fair is held and during the Christkindlemarkt (late November to Christmas Eve).

The Altstradt district is perhaps the best place to stay in Nuremberg as accommodation here is in close proximity to major tourist attractions. In addition, some of the best nightlife is found in this area. Many of the hotels in this area offer great views of the Kaiserburg Castle and others are close to the Hauptmarkt, Nuremburg’s main market area.
Nuremberg has a good range of accommodation available to suit every budget. At the top end of the spectrum there is a number of high-end hotels while some are ultramodern others are housed in period buildings and full of old world charm. There is also a good selection of midrange accommodation including quirky hotels with themed rooms like the Drei Raben and historical hotels like the Hotel Am Josephsplatz. There are also a handful of cheap hotels scattered throughout the town for those who are on a budget.

Things to do in Nuremberg

One of the most well-known venues that should never be missed when visiting here is the Nuremberg State Theatre. It was founded in 1906 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious in all of Europe. This location is also the second-largest theatre in Bavaria. The Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra is housed at this location and they are known to perform over 100 concerts each year. Thus, most visitors are bound to be able to enjoy at least one live performance. The Nuremberg International Chamber Music Festival also occurs here every year in September. Should one be planning on arriving during this time, it is a good idea to book tickets in advance; they can quickly fill up.

It is an unfortunate fact that Nuremberg played an important role during the Nazi regime. While many sites have been destroyed, there are several which are still able to be viewed to pay testament to a not-so-distant past. One of the documentation centres at the former Nazi party grounds can still be seen as can numerous museums that display how Nuremberg was involved with the rise of the Nazis before the Second World War began. All tours are guided and it should be mentioned that cameras may be prohibited in certain locations.

St. Sebaldus Church is thought to be one of the oldest and most important religious centres of the city. Indeed, its two large spires tend to dominate the skyline and can be seen for miles. Construction began in 1225 and was completed in a rather impressive time of only 50 years. It is a wonderful example of true Gothic architecture and a large organ is one of its most impressive features to be viewed. Many famous organists have played here and masses are still held. There are also opportunities to enjoy panoramic views of the city from each of its spires.