Luxembourg Hotels


Luxembourg City boasts an impressive gamut of accommodation that ranges from large chain hotels to small, but homely, family-run establishments. As Luxembourg City is an important business centre, hotel prices rise and fall according to the city’s influx of business travellers. During the week, when Luxembourg City receives the bulk of its business travellers, hotel prices can be extortionate. Fortunately, this means that room prices can drop by up to 70% at the weekends during the summer when the city’s hotels lose most of their business clientele. This makes Luxembourg City perfect for a weekend break!

Hotels are the most common type of accommodation available in Luxembourg City. The three main hotel areas are: the city centre, Plateau du Kirchberg and near the train station. If you plan on visiting Luxembourg City’s historic sites or are visiting on business, the city centre is the place to stay as it is near the major tourist attractions and the city centre is the business heart of the country. As Plateau du Kirchberg is home to a number of important European institutions and banks, it is also a frequent destination for business travellers. The area around the train station is also very desirable as there are lots of restaurants, cafes and shops. In addition, being near the train station is convenient if you wish to visit other parts of Luxembourg during your stay.

In the centre of the city you will find a range of luxury hotels including large international chains, which are geared towards Luxembourg’s business travellers, and traditional grand hotels like the historic Grand Hotel Cravat. Luxembourg’s luxury hotels provide a range of facilities to make your stay memorable, such as: conference rooms, fine dining and fitness centres.

Luxembourg City does not have a lot of cheap accommodation. However, the hotels near the train station or hostels are generally thought to be the most inexpensive option.

There are a few bed and breakfasts to be found in Luxembourg. However, there are a number of small, family-run hotels which provide a similar experience. Unlike the larger chain hotels, these smaller hotels often include breakfast in the room price. Some of Luxembourg’s small hotels are just like a large bed and breakfast, but others offer a range of facilities one would not expect in a bed and breakfast, such as a swimming pool or an excellent restaurant.

In Luxembourg City there are a handful of chain hostels that offer cheap accommodation. The city’s hostels are all relatively new or have been recently updated and offer both dormitory accommodation and private rooms.