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As Leipzig has grown into a popular tourist destination, the city’s hotel industry has increased significantly. From cheap hotels with basic amenities to luxury hotels housed in historic buildings, Leipzig has hotels to suit every budget and taste. In addition to hotels, Leipzig has plenty hostels and guesthouses.

Self-catering apartments are a great alternative for those who want a more authentic Leipzig holiday. In addition, self-catering apartments tend to work out more economical if you are staying in Leipzig for more than a week and they offer more communal space than a hotel room. This makes them a great option for those on holiday in a group.

Most people heading to Leipzig choose a hotel in the city centre. Accommodation here is conveniently located and mainly comes in the form of midrange hotels and chain hotels. Luxury accommodation can be found in Leipzig’s New Town area (Neustadt) while cheap accommodation can be found along Auguste-Schmidt-Strasse and around the ring road.

If you arrive in Leipzig without any accommodation prearranged, head to the Leipzig tourist office. Free of charge, the office will help you find some accommodation nearby.

Things to do in Leipzig

One of the first things to appreciate in regards to this city is that it was home at one time or another to some of the most famous composers in the world. So, be sure to add this consideration into any itinerary. Visiting St. Thomas Church will allow you to see where Johann Sebastian Bach had worked as a cantor before he became famous later in life. St. Nicholas Church was also frequented by Bach when he lived here. Felix Mendelssohn had also lived in this city and it is rumoured that he regularly played at many of the older churches. Finally, you can round out this experience with a visit to the Gewandhaus; home to the internationally famous Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Leipzig has much more to offer than musical history alone. The Leipzig Botanical Garden is the oldest of its kind in all of Germany. Dating back to 1542, this massive structure is open daily and best of all, it is free to enter and look around. Geographic arrangements of different plants represent locations as far off as North America and the barren steppes of Eastern Europe. In total, you will be able to feast your eyes upon well over 7,000 individual species. Some of these are quite rare. Due to its age, the Leipzig Botanical Garden is also noted for its historic architecture.

The Grassi Museum is actually home to three distinct museums; each offering very unique collections of artwork. Although it was severely damaged during the Second World War, many of the pieces have subsequently been restored to their former glory. There is also an annual trade fair located within its confines. If you are planning to visit in October, this event is certainly not to be missed. The building itself is considered to be one of the twenty most culturally significant sites in all of Germany.