Ibiza Hotels


For most people visiting Ibiza, accommodation is included as part of a package holiday. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to make your own arrangements, Ibiza is home to more than 300 accommodation possibilities and has a good gamut of accommodation types that ranges from high-end hotels to self-catering apartments. What kind of holiday experience you are after largely determines where you stay in Ibiza.

Ibiza has the highest room prices in Spain, especially during the peak summer months of July and August. In July and August the high demand for accommodation results in 98% of Ibiza’s accommodation being fully booked. So, if you are hoping to travel to Ibiza for a summer holiday, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance to secure the best deal and ensure that you do not wind up on the street!

Visiting Ibiza in low season can be quite advantageous as you can make some excellent savings and have a wider range of hotels to choose from. While a number of Ibiza’s hotels close down for the winter, those that remain open often discount room prices by up 50%.

Ibiza Town is the most cosmopolitan location in Ibiza and boasts a brilliant collection of accommodation types that spans from budget hostels to self-catered apartments and high-rise resort hotels. In addition, there are a handful of luxury hotels to be found here, such as Ibiza Grand Hotel.

San Antonio is popular with party goers as its West End strip is home to an impressive array of bars and clubs. Accommodation here mainly consists of high-rise hotel blocks and apartments and is block-booked for package holiday companies. However, if you move to the outskirts of San Antonio, you will find some quieter and classier accommodation options as well as a number of beautiful bay-front bars on the ‘sunset strip’.

If you are looking for somewhere inexpensive to stay or just somewhere with a bit more character, in San Antonio you will find an assortment of independent guest houses. In addition, there a number of finca-style hotels scattered throughout Ibiza. These rustic country hotels offer a unique and peaceful holiday.

There are a number of villa and apartment rental opportunities available in Ibiza. The majority of the villas are situated near Ibiza’s unspoiled beaches which makes them an excellent choice for visitors who want to relax by the sea without the bustle of the touristic crowds. In addition, villas and apartments make a great economical option for large groups. However, as Ibiza’s villas do tend to be quite secluded, you may wish to consider renting a car so that you can visit other places.