Fuerteventura Hotels

Fuerteventura hotel

Fuerteventura is a beautiful semi-desert island of Spain located in the Atlantic Ocean around 100km away from the Moroccan and Western Saharan coasts of Africa. The island is the longest among all in the archipelago, measuring about 98km. The place has an average temperature of around 17-25°C.

The island has a variation of white and golden colored sands that add to its beauty. There are wonderful small bays and lagoons that are picturesquely perched. Beware that the Fuerteventura waters while enticing but initially can be quite dangerous in some spots where current is very strong.

If you have plans to visit this place you can choose from a variety of accommodations, such as villas, apartments, hotels, self-catering holiday homes, etc. Some online hotel sites offer discounts up to 70% for hotels in Fuerteventura – so make the most of them.

Places to visit

Fuerteventura is home to many attractions that have made it a sought-after tourist destination. If you’d like to visit the island it is advised to enquire about the rooms in places that can cater to the variety of your interests such as restaurants, resorts, watersports, scuba diving, exploring the island, photography, etc.

El Cotillo

El Cotillo, a small village known for fishing is a serene place with some good restaurants, shops, and bars. It is famous as a paradise for surfers with fierce waves that are calm only during summer season. If you want to enjoy it all it is better to bring sunshade as the sunlight may quite intense. You can even find a fort that was built during 1790s to ward off pirates.

In El Cotillo, there are self-catering accommodations and holiday apartments where besides refreshing beach sights and nice rooms you can also get facilities such as free parking, Wi-Fi, safe deposit box, spa and fitness, barbeque, etc.


Corralejo is a town that was once a fishing village located to the north of Fuerteventura. You can find white beach and sand dunes at one end and restaurants, bars, and two main hotels on the other end. The place is famous for resorts and offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, mountain biking, jeep safaris, glass bottom boats, etc.

In Corralejo you can find holiday self-catering accommodations, villas, resorts, B&Bs, chalets and inns. You can enjoy facilities such as buffet breakfasts, lunch and dinner, swimming pools, children’s club, pool rooms, car rentals, safe deposit box, exchanges, 24 hour help desk, and more. Rooms will have television, microwave and refrigerator, etc.

Some of the hotels have distinct Canary Island architecture such as wooden balconies, beautiful interiors, etc. Here you can even swim in clear sea waters.

Isla de Lobos

For those who want much a greener and calm place can take a boat from Corralejo and reach Isla de Lobos which is just 10km away. Lobos is a beautiful island with lush vegetation adapted to saline environment. Animals and birds found in this place are distinct and such kind cannot be found anywhere else. The isle is a treasure for nature photographers but they need to get permission to take photo or film it.

Lobos is a protected zone and you have to adhere to some rules and regulations before exploring the place. Hotel rooms, B&B, villas, and chalets with rents at £20 onwards for two, are some of the accommodation options you can avail.

Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is a town that is fast growing and is considered as a famous tourist hub. High rise buildings are coming up very fast and the town is very famous for its night life. The place has a newly built golf course surrounded by restaurants, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, shopping complexes, and multiplexes.

You can try variety of cuisines such as Spanish, Italian, and Chinese in these restaurants. In Caleta de Fuste many holiday accommodations, hotels, and villas are available, with rents starting from as cheap as £12 for two. Moreover it depends on the location, number of individuals, the kind of facilities and the time of stay.

Other interesting locations

Besides these you can find places such as Morro Jable, Tindaya, Pajara and many other locations which are quite distinct and interesting. You can choose some of the fine hotels near the beaches where you can swim in well maintained swimming pools as well as experience their wonderful hospitality. Except Caleta de Fuste which has cheap room rent, in places such as El Cotillo, Corallejo, Lobos rents and others room rent for two individuals may start from £20 onwards.