Four Seasons Hotels


The Four Seasons is a name instantly associated with five-star luxury in busy cities like New York and London, but the franchise has slowly but surely spread out over the globe. For those visitors who find London too hectic and noisy for proper relaxation and pampering there is the Hampshire resort; handily close to the City but firmly established in the English countryside in a beautiful Georgian manor house. Pamper yourself with spa treatments (or simply enjoy a luxurious bath in the ‘standard’ marble tub, using the provided toiletries which are from L’Occitane) or pop out and visit Jane Austen’s former home in the village of Chawton. Being in the country does not mean rural meals with elegant high tea available in The Library and a choice of superb restaurants for your other meals. You can even request a picnic to take out with you on your travels or simply enjoy a midnight feast in your room.

Few people would consider heading towards an old Turkish prison in search of modern amenities and a little luxury, but in Istanbul this is exactly how to find the local Four Seasons hotel and resort! The former Sultanahmet Prison was taken over by the hotel chain in 1992. The hotel is beautifully positioned and surprising beautiful given its former use. The Egyptian Riviera is known for its crystal clear warm waters, prolific marine life and blazing sunshine and Four Seasons wasted no time in opening up the Sharm El Sheikh resort. You have a choice of four swimming pools as well as access to the Red Sea and the friendly and discreet staff will ensure that your stay is effortlessly carefree.

How to Save on Four Seasons Hotels

Get the best deal for your stay by planning as far ahead in advance as possible. Once you have decided on which Four Seasons hotel you would like to stay at, keep an eye on two or three comparison websites and wait for the perfect deal to present itself. If this does not happen, why not check out the Four Seasons’ page? They arrange their deals by location and by areas of interest, such as golfing holidays, vacations tailored to families with children and even skiing holidays.

Another excellent way to save on your hotel booking is to choose to visit your preferred Four Seasons hotel out of season (or in the case of seasonal activities like skiing, just slightly out of season!) to take advantage of off-peak prices. However, no matter what time of year you stay at the hotel and no matter what part of the world you are visiting, you are sure to experience the best of Four Seasons expertise, comfort and luxury!