Florida Hotels


Florida is a wonderful tourist location with many attractions. Florida has even inspired Walt Disney and Hollywood with its pleasant climate, forts, islands, high rise condominiums, everglades, pristine beaches with whales and dolphins. It’s beautiful and mysterious everglades comprise saw grass, mangroves, bottlenose dolphins, manatees, migratory birds, along with alligators and snakes.

Hollywood connection

Florida has inspired Hollywood directors to make several movies. Some of the movies made here are Key Largo, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Birdcage, The Truman Show, Ulee’s Gold, Adaptation, etc.

These movies show Florida in all its lifelikeness as in ‘Key Largo,’ the movie showing merciless gangsters and daunting hurricanes, ‘The Birdcage,’ the story of a gay cabaret owner and his drag queen girlfriend, ‘The Truman Show’ the story of a protagonist who realizes that his happy life is just a sham, ‘Adaptation,’ the movie about Florida swamps, etc.

Florida is well connected by air, water and road so you will never face any problem reaching here.


Florida has robust internal as well as external air links which connects it well within the state as well as internationally. Here are names of some airports along with their contact numbers that connect cities in Florida.

• Fort Lauderdale (954-359-1200)
• Miami International (305-876-7000)
• Tampa International (813-870-8700)
• Orlando International (407-825-2001)

If you are from outside the US then you may find the airports such as Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, Sarasota, Pensacola, Fort Myers and Key West to be quite useful as they operate internationally.


Trains run between Florida and Miami and connect places such as Jacksonville, West Palm, Palm Beach, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. There are no train services from Chicago and Los Angeles to Florida.


Fort Lauderdale is the biggest cruise ship harbour in US and is famous for adventurous activities. You can find people involved in activities like scuba diving, catamarans, paddling, and many more.

You can get around Florida and explore its attractions with North America’s biggest intercity bus service – Greyhound Lines. Check out the route network and time for comfortable and convenient travel within the city (800-231-2222).

When to go?

Florida has only two seasons namely, dry and wet. Winter is a dry season stretching between November and April. During this time can see people engaging in adventurous activities such as canoeing, hiking and exploring nature.

Dry season is the time when you can find wildlife in abundance and the wildlife photographers can have a very good time taking beautiful shots. During this time if you are in North Florida it will be tough to swim in ocean waters as the water will be freezing cold. In this place you may even be even lucky to spot whales, manatees and dolphins.

Summer season is spread between May and October and it will be quite humid here. During this time ice melts and many of the places experience floods and hurricanes. Animals migrate and you will not be able to see many of them. Even the number of visitors also decreases at this time.


Hotel guest rooms are available at prices ranging from $19 to $800 or even more depending on the kind of amenities, location and connectivity. Most of the hotels are quite good with various facilities such as breakfast, tea makers, meeting and banquet halls, recreation, Wi-Fi connectivity, television, ironing, laundry, housekeeping, spas and restrooms, hair dryers, towels, lockers, multilingual staff, boutiques, bus stops, etc.
Recreational facilities may also include water sports activities such as wind surfing, catamarans, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, etc.

Some affordable and costly hotels

There are many good hotels with finest facilities at cheap rates that can fit your budget. Per person some of them may charge as Rodeway Inn Orlando ($19), La Quinta Inn & Suites Sarasota ($75), Omni Orlando Resort ($80), etc.

If you have plans to bring your family you may even get some discounts as some of these hotels may reduce their rates in case of more number of people are staying. For example, Rodeway Inn Orlando charges around $76 for 6 persons.

Some of the pricier hotels are quite costly offer comfortable and luxurious facilities, so they are really worth the extra cash you may have to put down. Hilton Bentley ($120-730 for two), Acqualina Resort and Spa ($375-1600 for two), Delano Hotel ($300-900 for two) are just a few of the many options.

It is a good idea to book hotel rooms in advance, especially during peak season. Also watch out for discounts and specials that may be offered by some hotels during the slower months.