Dubai Hotels


Dubai, an oasis in the middle of the desert, instantly conjures images of soaring skyscrapers and, in general architectural marvels of the modern world. From the biggest hotel in the world, to the tallest building and the largest Mall worldwide, Dubai is known for its audacious displays of man-made wonders. This place of superlatives literally has a lot to offer and is the most preferred city to live in the Middle-East.

Travelling to and around Dubai

Dubai is well connected by air to all the major airports around the world and is the base for the Emirates airlines. Travelling around the city is best experienced in a car which can be rented on an international licence. The Dubai metro is also a viable option and is among the cheapest metro rails in the world. Or if you want to experience the local culture, then take a ride in Abras, which is a kind of a small boat.

Staying in Dubai

With accommodations ranging from budget hotels to the only 7-star hotel in the world, Dubai has a place for everyone. The accommodation types range from hostels for backpackers, budget hotels to a plethora of luxury 5-star hotels and resorts. Accommodations are also available in apartments and villas on lease for longer stays.

Budget stay

Cheap staying options are available throughout Dubai city. Hostels such as the Dubai Youth Hostel, which is located 2km from the city centre, offer single accommodations for cheapest rates of £14 a night. Budget hotels can be found around the city and connectivity is not a problem owing to the well-connected metro rail network. 2-star hotels can be found around the city with prices under £30 per night, which is all inclusive. Hotels like the Premier Inn offer quality services at cheap rates. Advance booking is also available at discounted rates. Various deals are put forward by hotels which are cost-effective and can be easily availed.

Living king-size in Dubai

If you have a lot of cash to spill, then there’s not a better place to be holidaying in. You will be pampered almost to a fault. The coastline is filled with luxury resorts each trying to outperform the others in quality. This ensures a healthy competition which in turn can be felt in the services provided. The Burj al Arab, arguably the only 7-star hotel in the world is located here. It has rooms starting from £600 a night to an outrageous £20000 a night Royal suite, which is royal in every sense of the word. There’s an underwater restaurant which is accessed by a submarine. If you want a location overlooking the desert, then Al Maha Desert Resort is the place of choice. There are various offers like overnight desert safaris included in the stay.

Apartments and villas on rent

If uninterested in the busy hustle of hotels, than the serene villas in the outskirts are the choice places for you. These villas can be booked from £100 to £600 a night. You can get a bargain on the prices depending upon availability. Serviced apartments are also widely available for authentic Dubai stay with family or with friends. The Coral Boutique Villa, or the Suha Hotel Apartments provide a luxurious stay at decent prices.

What else to do in Dubai

Dubai is known for its shopping districts which houses almost all major brand showrooms apart from native boutiques and small shops. Tours around the city are usually organised by the hotels, but to experience the true thrill of Dubai you should rent a car and go for drives on its sleek roads.

You can go sightseeing around town or go for a trip in the Persian Gulf, the choice is yours. Desert safaris, sand sports and the like have to be experienced when in Dubai. The best time to visit would be in winter or early months of the year.

Dubai has something for everyone and if there’s something you find missing, than its probably under construction already. According to a recent survey, it is estimated that almost 10 million tourists can be accommodated in Dubai any time. It is also the 8th most visited city in the world and isn’t showing any signs of stopping its mercurial growth. Visit Dubai once to experience a truly global city.