Cyprus Hotels

Cyprus hotel

Cyprus is one of the largest island countries in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is mostly popular amongst tourists because of it liberal beaches, exotic liquors, vibrant nightlife, and rich history.
The island of Cyprus provides tourists a unique experience because the country is a kaleidoscopic blend of Western culture with Eastern heritage. Cyprus is geographically located in Asia, but is considered to be a European nation and is part of the European Union.

The most popular cities in Cyprus, in terms of tourism, are Pafos, Ayia Napa, and Lemesos. However, these cities were recently formed and lack the historical importance that some of Cyprus’ inland cities offer. These inland cities attract only a limited number of tourists every year, but are filled with monuments, buildings, and artifacts of historic significance.


The tourism industry of Cyprus is large and is continuously growing. There are plenty of resorts, hotels, boutiques, and luxury apartments that one may chose to stay in while in Cyprus. There are also several group tours that offer sensational deals and offers that cater to different budgets. However, most tourists prefer to visit Cyprus independently because hotels are relatively cheap and easily available.

The following hotels are most popular amongst those that are seeking to save money and remain on budget during their visit to Cyprus. Listed below are some of the best valued hotels in Ayia Napa, Cypus.

• Callisto Holiday Village is a secluded resort that is located approximately a kilometer away from downtown Ayia Napa. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with a nautical theme. Also, all of the rooms offer a private balcony overlooking the Callisto’s beautiful garden. The village is a great family destination that features a lagoon pool, tennis courts, sauna, jacuzzi, and a gym. All inclusive rooms are available from rates as low as €37 per night.

• Napa Plaza Hotel is an affordable hotel 4 star hotel. The Napa Plaza features sun lounges, swimming pools, and 9 different dining options. The spacious rooms have a modern décor and each room has a private balcony. Both the beach and the Ayia Napa Monastery are less than 5 minutes away on foot. Rooms start from all inclusive rates as low as €45 per night.

• Napa Prince Hotel Apts offer cheap and comfortable self-catering apartments at a budget price. These cozy apartments are located in downtown Ayia Napa which makes the apartments ideal for those that are seeking to make the most of Cyprus exciting nightlife. The larger rooms offered by Napa Prince are perfect for a family vacation. Rates start from a staggering low €35 per night.

Cheap 5 star hotels

Cyprus has some of the cheapest 5 star hotels in Europe. These lavish hotels cater to those visitors that seek first class luxury. The following hotels offer the best rooms, services, and amenities of all the hotels in Cyprus.

• Alion Beach Hotel is one of the most refined 5 star hotels in Cyprus. The Alion is located on the shore of the Grecian Bay. Guests have direct access to the beach and to their in-house spa which offers exotic Ceylon massages and chocolate body treatments. The rooms are large, airy, and are fitted with contemporary décor. Guests also have options between beach or park facing rooms. All inclusive rates for this affordable hotel start from €100 per night.

• So White Boutique Suites is a unique and beautiful luxury boutique that offers bungalow suites to its guests. So White is famous for the VIP treatment it offers its guests. This 5 star hotel was designed by one of the top 50 designers in the world. The hotel offers all the luxury amenities that one may expect and the highlight of the hotel is an all white swimming pool that features color-changing moods. Rooms start from all inclusive rates as low as €117 per night.

• Grecian Bay is a luxury hotel that features 3 tennis courts, spas, and both indoor and outdoor pools. The 5 star rooms are large, comfortable, and fitted with elegant décor. The hotel offers panoramic views of the beach with private balconies. The hotel is one of the largest and most prominent on the beach. All inclusive rates for this affordable hotel start from €100 per night.