Cancun Hotels

Cancun Hotel

Cancun, located in south east Mexico, is often recognized as the Caribbean of Mexico. Cancun is an extremely popular spring break destination for American college and university students. Hotel rates and traveling fares are consequently substantially higher during the months from late December to early May.

The city was established by the Mexican government in 1974 with the sole purpose of attracting tourism. Since then Cancun has catered to millions of guests. The beautiful beaches, lush forests, and the historic Mayan temples and ritual sites that surround Cancun make it an ideal tourist destination.


There are plenty of hotels, boutiques, resorts, guesthouses, and everything in between that cater to the budgets and financial affordability of those that visit Cancun every year. Also, there are several group tours that leave for Cancun every year on incredible deals. These tours would allow you enjoy Cancun at an all inclusive discount. However, one may find several hotels online that match their own budget and avail bargains with a personalized touch.

The following hotels are some of the accommodations that are immensely popular for being affordable. They also provide the best value for money spent. All of these hotels have received excellent reviews for the level of quality, comfort, and cleanliness they offer and maintain.

• Hotel Hacienda de Castilla is an excellent budget 3 star hotel. The hotel has cozy but comfy rooms. There’s also a restaurant, bar, and outdoor swimming pool in the hotels premises. The hotel is situated 5 minutes away from a bus stop but is approximately 20 minutes away from downtown Cancun. The Hacienda de Castilla is the cheapest hotel in this list with all inclusive rates starting from $25 per night.

• Hotel el Rey Del Caribe is a beautiful and conveniently located sanctuary. The hotel is located near downtown, but the property is situated in an area that is surrounded by lush greenery. The hotel was built like a hacienda. The hotel offers several types of midsized and comfortable rooms that are perfect for a family vacation. The hotel is most praised for its excellent Mexican hospitality. All inclusive rates for the Hotel el Rey Del Caribe start from $50 per night.

• La Quinta Inn & Suites Cancun is a rather new but impressive hotel. The hotel is located in downtown Cancun and is perfect for those that aren’t too keen about being right by the beach. Unlike majority of the hotels in Cancun, La Quinta Inn does not really reflect the Mexican culture. It has rather been decorated and designed to offer optimum comfort for its guests. Rooms are available at La Quinta from all inclusive rates of $75 per night.
Cancun has some of the most lavish and extravagant resorts in Mexico. The following 5 star hotels and resorts are some of the best in Cancun.

• JW Marriott Cancun is located in the middle of the Cancun’s hotel zone. The hotel is only a few feet away from the beautiful beach. The JW Marriott offers luxury rooms, a world class Mayan spa, and all the amenities that one may expect from a 5 star hotel. Guests of the JW Marriott have easy access to the turquoise colored waters and white sandy beaches of Cancun. All inclusive rates start from $355 per night.

• Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa is a tremendous and beautiful beachfront resort. The Fiesta Americana offers something to do for everyone in the family. The options of activities to engage in are unlimited. The rooms in the Fiesta are large, comfortable, and of impeccable quality. The fiesta is probably one of the cheapest 5 star resorts in the city with all inclusive rates starting from $280 per night.

• Live Aqua Cancun is the most lavish adult only resort in Cancun. This breath taking hotel is equipped with 4 restaurants, 4 bars, a spa, and a beautiful assortment of swimming pools. Live Aqua is located in the hotel zone and offers direct access to the beach. Rooms at Live Aqua start all inclusive rates of $780 per night.