Budapest Hotels


Budapest, the capital of and the second largest city in Hungary, is often referred to as the Paris of the East. This large European city has a fast growing tourism industry. Budapest does not have a history of tourism, but travelers are quickly learning the appeal that the city has to offer. Last year the city attracted over 3 million tourists.
The city is a merger of two historic cities, the city of Buda on the west bank of Danube River and the city of Pest on the east bank. Budapest offers architectural uniqueness by housing a blend of Viennese and Parisian buildings, statutes, and monuments. The city has several museums that showcase the rich history that Budapest has to offer.
Budapest is also a city with a distinct and youthful atmosphere. The blend of world-class classical music mixed with the vibrant nightlife that Budapest offers is making the city increasingly popular among European youth.


The city has hundreds of hotels to choose from. Budapest is equipped with luxury and modest hotel in almost every one of its districts. These options contribute to the successful growth of tourism in Budapest.
The following hotels have been rated as the best lodgings for those that are trying to maintain a budget. These hotels have been recommended as being comfortable and clean establishments that offer great deals and discounts.

• Aventura Boutique Hostel is one of the cheapest lodging options available in Budapest. This dormitory influenced boutique offers private and shared rooms that have been reviewed as clean and comfortable. The Aventura is best for those that aim to get save money on accommodations by living on a discount. Rates start from as low as €13 per night.

• Hotel Chesscom is a modest and basic hotel that is conveniently located close to a metro station and is only 15 minutes away from downtown Budapest. The hotel is family oriented and the customer service offered is good. Rooms start from rates of €20 per night.

• Hotel Mediterran is a small and cozy hotel that is located about 8 miles away from downtown Budapest. However, local trams make every major tourist attraction easily accessible. The rooms are clean, cozy, and comfortable. Rates start from as low as €30 per night.

Budapest has a large number of extravagant luxury hotels. The following 5 star hotels are some of the best in the city. One may be able to get a discount or deal by reserving rooms online prior to visiting.
• Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest is a grand 5 star hotel located in central Budapest and is within walking distance from the Budapest Parliament. The luxury hotel has been largely celebrated by guests since its inauguration in 2011. The lavish hotel hosts large rooms that are been ranked as the best in Budapest. Iberostar houses a fine dining Spanish cuisine restaurant and a bar. All inclusive rates start from €97 per night.

• Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest is an architectural symbol of modern Budapest. The hotel is situated less than half a kilometer away from the Chain Bridge which makes it’s a good location because all the major attractions are available through public transportation. The Kempinski has rooms that have been decorated in modern décor. The 5 star hotel houses 5 different restaurants and 2 bars. Luxury rooms start from all inclusive rates of €96 per night.

• Corinthia Hotel Budapest is a magnificent 5 star hotel. This renowned hotel has a history of providing excellent to its guests. The rooms offer all the luxury and lavishness one may expect from such a highly reputed hotel. The Corinthia is located on the Grand Boulevard and is home to 3 fine dining restaurants and an elegant café. One may reserve rooms online from all inclusive rates of €81 per night.