Brussels Hotels


As many visitors travel to Brussels for business or political purposes, you will find that hotels of every kind fill up quickly during the week. As a result, this causes hotel prices to rise. However, as the hotels lose the bulk of their business clientele at weekends and during the summer, travellers can save a great deal of money on their accommodation if they travel during these times. Indeed, in off-peak periods hotel rates can drop by up to 50%.

While most hotels include a 16% service charge and 6% value added tax in their stated room prices, others prefer to add it to the final bill. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is always recommended that you check the situation with hotel staff.

In Brussels there is no designated hotel area. Instead, hotels appear in clusters throughout the city. Most of the city’s hotels are found outside the centre, in Shuman and Ixelles. The hotels in these areas are mainly geared towards business and political visitors as they are conveniently situated near the major business centres and European Union buildings. In these areas you will find a range of independent, luxury hotels as well as a number of popular international chains. The latter tend to be situated in the South, in close proximity to the airport.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel, you should take a look at the hotels encompassed by the Petite Ceinture in central Brussels. Moderately priced accommodation can also be found near the three major train stations and the centre of the Lower Town. Staying in central Brussels is especially great for those who want to explore the many historical sites that the city has to offer as these popular destinations can be accessed on foot from these hotels.

There are a large number of self-catering apartments available in Brussels. These are sprinkled throughout the city and there is a range of apartment types, from basic to luxury.

Apartments are a particularly popular option for large families or groups as they are economical and can offer more space than a hotel room. Self-catering apartments are not only available to rent by the month or week, but can also be rented for short stays.

Bed and breakfasts, or chambre d’hôte, are often a pleasant alternative to a budget hotel and are located throughout the city. There are also a number of cheaper bed and breakfasts to be found in nearby residential areas.