Belfast Hotels


Belfast is the capital of and the largest city in Northern Ireland. And is a city that is extremely proud of its Edwardian and Victorian heritage.
Most travelers used to avoid Belfast a few years ago, but that is no longer true. Tourism is on the rise in Belfast, which can be contributed to the recent political friendliness between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
The city has been trying to and has been successful in increasing tourism. In 2009, Frommer’s Travel Guidebook rated Belfast as the only United Kingdom city in “Top 12 Destinations to Visit”. Belfast has since catered to over 8 million tourists every year. In April 2012, the city council of Belfast unveiled one the cities major attractions called the Titanic Belfast. Also, Belfast has recently opened new bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and shopping centers to promote tourism.


The tourism industry of Belfast is still growing. However, there are still wide ranges of hotels, bed and breakfasts, boutiques, apartments, and guesthouses available for tourists in most parts of the city.

The following hotels are most popular amongst those that are seeking to save money and remain on budget during their vacations. Listed below are some of the best valued hotels in Belfast.

• Ravenhill Guesthouse is one of the most pleasant family operated bread and breakfasts in Belfast. Although a little pricier than most B&B’s in the city, Ravenhill provides unparallel service to its guests. The rooms are cozy but comfortable. Also, the guesthouse is located in an area that makes it a walk able distance from the city center of Belfast. The hotel is perfect for a simple yet relaxing family vacation. Rooms start from all inclusive rates of £40 per night.

• Premier Inn Belfast City Cathedral Quarter is a comfortable and affordable hotel. The Premier Inn in Belfast maintains the same of level of excellence that the chain of hotels is famous for. The hotel is located a few minutes from the Belfast Titanic and all the major tourist attractions are a short bus ride away. The Premier Inn has elegant yet simplistic rooms that are decent in size. The all inclusive rates start from £50 per night.

• Benedicts Hotel is a lavish downtown hotel located in downtown Belfast. The hotel offers rooms that are extremely comfortable, large, and have been recently renovated. Benedicts offers its guests access to its restaurant, bar, dance floor, live entertainment, and free parking. All inclusive rates start from £70 per night.
Belfast has a surprisingly large number of lavish and luxury 5 star hotels. The accommodations listed below are some of the finest in Belfast.

• The Merchant Hotel is a delightful 5 star hotel that is located in Belfast’s city center. Dating back to 1860, the Merchant is a hotel that has catered to thousands of satisfied guests over the years. Every room in the Merchant has been elegantly decorated with original artwork. The Merchant won the prestigious award for “Best Hotel in UK” during 2011’s International Hotel Awards. Rooms are available from all inclusive rates of £160 per night.

• Hilton Belfast is one of the most affordable 5 star hotels in Belfast. The Hilton is located approximately half a mile from city center Belfast. The hotel is situated in a manner that all of the rooms offer panoramic ceiling to floor views of the River Lagan. Rooms in this luxury hotel are available from all inclusive rates of £105 per night.

• Victoria Apartments is one of the only 5 star self-catering apartments in Belfast. Located in Windsor Park, these fully furnished apartments are best for a luxury family vacation. The apartments are large and present all the luxury associated with 5 star establishments. Restaurants, pubs, bars, and stores are all within walking distance. Also, most of the tourist attractions are easily accessible through train or bus. All inclusive rates from the apartments start from £95 per night.