Bath Hotels


Bath, located 120 miles west of London, is a historic spa city. First inhabited by the Romans, the city is famous for its springs, Roman period baths, and Gregorian architecture. Bath is visited by approximately 5 million tourists every year and is one the foremost tourist destinations in England.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Bath irrespective of whether you’re visiting solo or with your family. The restaurants, bars, and clubs in Bath are some of the most famous in England. Also, the city offers a lot of sightseeing for those that enjoy medieval architecture and natural beauty.

Notorious for being one of the earliest spa resort cities, Bath is most popular for its tranquil spas and serene hot springs. One of the most relaxing cities in the world, Bath is a must visit for those that are trying to steer away from the everyday grind and enjoy a relaxing vacation.


There are a wide variety of hotels to choose from while visiting Bath. The city has several excellent hotels that offer bargain deals that cater to the needs of the large volume of tourists that visit Bath while matching their budget.

Although the following hotels might not be the cheapest that Bath has to offer, they are some of the most highly ranked amongst visitors of the city. These hotels offer great deals and are some of the best lodgings while maintaining a budget. All of the hotels below offer online reservations and there are some deals and discounts available online as well.

• Apsley House Hotel is a magnificent Gregorian style estate that has been converted into one of the most highly ranked hotels in Bath. The hotel has large comfortable rooms equipped with traditional style furniture. The hotel is located a taxi ride away from Bath, but the views and the comforts of the hotel are unparallel to any other hotel in the same price range. Rates start from an all inclusive 70 pounds per night.

• Tasburgh House is a beautiful and cozy bread and breakfast located within walking distance of the center of the city. The house offers a beautiful view of the city and surrounding canals. The rooms are extremely homely and the customer service has been highly commended. Rates start from 100 pounds per night.

• Dukes Hotel is a fantastic Gregorian style hotel with exceptional hospitality. The hotel is conveniently located and downtown Bath is just a short walk away. The Dukes is most popular for its large airy rooms and in-house spa. The hotel is furnished with traditional style décor and is compatible to cater to all your tech needs. Rooms start at all inclusive rates of 90 pounds per night.

The following hotels are some of the best 5 star hotels in Bath. These hotels offer the best service, comfort, and luxury that Bath has to offer. Information relating to reservation, discounts, rates, and deals can be found online on their websites.

• The Ayrlington Hotel is a small 5 star hotel that is in a building with a lot of historic value. The hotel has a very manor like feel to it. The location is excellent due to its short proximity to downtown Bath and the hotel has a large parking for those that drove to Bath or rented a vehicle during their stay there. The rooms, customer service, and the charm of the place is all top notch. Rooms start from 110 pounds per night, making it the cheapest 5 star to stay during your stay in Bath.

• Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel is a magnificent suburban 5 star hotel which is walking distance from Bath. The hotel is equipped with a peaceful state of the art spa, sauna, and pool. The rooms are exceptionally large and well decorated. The hotel has been described as blissfully beautiful with impeccable service. Rates start from 135 pounds per night.

• Royal Crescent Hotel is a luxury hotel that is located in the center of the city. Even with its location, the hotel has provides all the tranquility that Bath is notorious for with its full spa, beautiful gardens, and exceptional view. The hotel is a short walk away from the Roman baths. According to ratings, the Royal Crescent is the best 5 star in Bath. All inclusive rates start from 195 pounds per night.