Barcelona Hotels

Barcelona Hotels

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is an extremely popular destination amongst American and European tourists. Founded over 2000 years ago as a Roman city, Barcelona has since become largely popular for its rich history, culture, and arts.

The city is mostly popular amongst families and couples seeking to enjoy its rich heritage in places like Ciutat Vella. But, Barcelona is also well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and entertaining nightlife. In 2013, Barcelona won the award for being “Travelers Choice” on

Barcelona is the largest cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean and its clubs, restaurants, and bars are always packed likes beaches during the summer. There are hundreds of cruises that leave and come in to Barcelona around the year. The city of Pablo Picasso, Barcelona has several world renowned museums and buildings that are a must visit such as Museu d’Història de Barcelona, Gothic Cathedral, Museu Frederic Marès, Església de Santa Maria del Mar, and of course Museu Picasso.


Barcelona has hosted a large variety of luxury and modest hotels since its boom of tourism, which was an effect of the 1992 Olympics. The city has a wide range of hotels that would match a tourist’s budget irrespective of whether they’re looking to find a place on the beach or in the heart of the city.

The following hotels are amongst the most affordable hotels in the city and have received excellent reviews from customers, however, cheaper accommodation can be found in the city. These reviews have been made based on location, affordability, and comfort. Reservations can be made online, some of their websites offer discounts at certain times of the year as well.

• Hostal L’ Antic Espai is a beautiful historic medieval building that is a combination of a hotel and bed and breakfast. Located conveniently in the center of the city, all the major sites and restaurants are within walking distance. Also, there is a taxi stand around the corner making the more distant areas of the city accessible. Rooms start from as low as an all inclusive rate of 90 euros per night.

• Euro Park Hotel is an excellent hotel if you’re looking to stay away from all the disruptive street sounds that are associated with being in downtown Barcelona. Even with its distant location, the hotel is still very accessible to tourist sites because it is located within walking distance from the Girona metro station. This modern, comfortable, and stylish hotel offers rooms starting from an all inclusive rate of 120 euros per night.

• Hotel Curious is one the most highly ranked hotels in terms of value for money. The hotel is located in the heart of the city and the metro is really close to the hotel. The décor and rooms are exceptional considering the hotel is a 1 star hotel. Rooms start at all inclusive rates of 120 euros per night.

There are a lot of choices amongst the best luxury hotels that Barcelona has to offer. The following 5 star hotels are some of the greatest that Barcelona has to offer. Rates start from 220 euros per night in some of the following hotels. However, it is prudent to check their websites for offers, discounts, and reservations prior to your visit.

• Alma Barcelona is one of the most elite hotels within walking distance from Paseo de Gracia, Mallorca, and LaRambla. Alma offers majestic rooms with all the comforts that one may expect along with options of refined dining and fine wine. There is a Zen like terrace in the hotel and beautiful courtyards which makes it an oasis amongst one of the busiest parts of Barcelona.

• ABaC Barcelona is a modernistic luxury hotel located in the heart of the city. The ABaC is located in a quite part of Barcelona but is located close enough to the metro so all the tourist attractions are easy enough to reach. A family oriented environment, the hotel is home to a renowned restaurant that offers hearty 14 course meals.

• El Palace Hotel is needless to stay themed to provide all the comforts and luxury that is offered to royalty. El Palace is mostly highly commended for its magnificently large rooms that are equipped with all the modern technologies but has also maintained a high level of culture in its architecture. Located in the center of the city, El Palace has all the 5 star amenities and has been described as breathtaking, fabulous, and perfect by some of its recent customers.