Amsterdam Hotels


The Perfect Holiday in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is an extremely popular tourist hotspot and is claimed to be a “must visit” destination in Europe. Amsterdam is a large metropolitan city full of culture, architectural sites, and creative centers. Often called the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is a city that fulfills every visitor’s desires.
Partying, history, and culture are synonymous with Amsterdam. The city has an extremely liberal history of progressivism and tolerance with respect to its policies on drugs and prostitution, which has made Amsterdam one of the most popular cities to visit for young adults globally. Its 12th century roots and rich trading history has resulted in the city developing a mix of European styles in terms of architecture and art.

The city has vast cultural history and is home to one of the largest historical inner city in Europe. Some of the most renowned culturally significant centers in Amsterdam are the Rijksmuseum, which was completely renovated in 2013, and the Van Gogh Museum.


Due to the vast size of Amsterdam, it hosts a large variety of luxury and modest hotels. One may find hotels in almost all price ranges, some more affordable than the others. The following hotels are amongst the most affordable hotels in the city and have received excellent reviews from customers, however, cheaper accommodation can be found in the city. All inclusive rates start from approximately 150 euros per night in the following hotels. Reservations can be made online, some of their websites offer discounts at certain times of the year as well.

• The Boutique Hotel Synopsis is a beautiful historic canal house that is more of a bed and breakfast than a hotel. It has rooms that have a unique combination of historic and contemporary design that overlook the famous Keizersgracht Canal. The Waterloo Square Tram stop is about 10 minutes away on foot which makes the hotel accessible to most of the city. This hotel is also the cheapest of the three.

• Hotel Parkview is another one of Amsterdam’s highly praised affordable hotels. Located less than half a mile from the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, it is widely popular amongst those that visit Amsterdam to enjoy the cultural treasures offered in the city. The rooms are modest in size, but have modern designs to optimize the space.

• Hotel Fita, an elegant hotel based in the heart of Amsterdam, is one of the most popular hotels amongst all demographics that are trying to get a good deal on rooms. The personal service and hospitality of Hotel Fita have been the reason for most of the exceptional reviews that the hotel has received. Its city center location makes it an ideal hotel due to the quality of the public transportation that the city offers. Also, most tourists claim that absorbing the culture that Amsterdam has to offer by walking around was one of the defining aspects of their vacation to the city. Hotel Fita is an ideal place if you’re looking to make most of the various forms of entertainment that Amsterdam has to offer.

There are plenty of choices amongst the elite luxury hotels that Amsterdam has to offer. These following 5 star hotels have had the best feedback from previous customers in respect to the overall experience, facilities, luxury, and satisfaction. Rates start from 300 euros per night in the following hotels.

• Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam is one of the most lavish hotels within walking proximity from the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam Central Station, and the Van Gogh Museum. The Grand offers majestic rooms with all the comforts that one may expect. That paired with an excellent restaurant and a spa has made The Grand one of the most praised hotels in Amsterdam.

• De L’Europe Amsterdam is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of the city. Probably the most tech savvy of the lot, De L’Europe offers rooms with accessories like iPod docking stations, an iPad, and Bose surround sound systems. The hotel is based right off the Amstel River and offers almost the same level of advantage in terms of location as The Grand.

• Hotel Okura Amsterdam is located in De Pijp, which is a little more than half a mile away from the Museum District. However, the magnitude of the building offers views that none of other 5 star hotels have to offer in Amsterdam. There is a bar on the 23rd floor that offers a spectacular view of the city. The rooms in the Okura are decorated in an extremely smart and modern manner. Each room comes with large windows, marble tiled bathrooms, and flat screen TVs.