St. Lucia Holidays

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St. Lucia is an island located within the Caribbean Sea that is known as having two distinct mountain peaks. It is a relatively large location while splendid coral reefs, an interior rainforest and miles of private beaches tend to dominate. Interestingly enough, there is a mix of the traditional and the modern to be encountered. From quaint fishing villages to luxurious resorts, St. Lucia is certainly a paradise.

The Best Times to Visit St. Lucia

As the island is located within a temperate region of the world, cold weather is rarely a factor. However, the main concern here is the potential for a hurricane to make landfall. This will generally occur between late July and late September although a warmer summer can extend this window into late October. So, it is always wise to avoid this time. Many will choose to visit between the early spring and the early summer (from March until June).

The Best Things to do in St. Lucia

Rodney Bay is certainly one of the most popular attractions on St. Lucia. The bay itself is always attractive to those who are fans of sailing; chartered boat rentals will provide some splendid views of the nearby coastline. As this bay is frequented by many tourists, recent years have witnessed the growth of numerous restaurants and pubs around its circumference. A nearby mountain simply known as “The Unicorn” will also give one an excellent perspective of the island. On a clear day, views as far as Martinique can be enjoyed.

Nature lovers should always be sure to experience the high-altitude majesty of the two largest peaks on the island. Known together as the Pitons, each is more than 700 metres high. Due to their unique configuration, both have been names as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Well-established tours are available and a welcome centre can provide unique insight into the origins of these mountains as well as some of the flora and fauna that can be observed during one’s trip. It should be mentioned here is more of a hike than a climb; most will be able to ascend to the peaks with little trouble.

A final site to experience is the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens. From here, one can enjoy a massive waterfall and countless natural splendours. As these gardens are located near the town of Soufriere, arrival is never difficult. There are tours which highlight some of the main attractions and due to the tranquil shade, these gardens are an ideal respite when temperatures in the sun tend to soar. The gardens can make a wonderful idea for a family excursion during any stay.