St. Ives Holidays

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St. Ives is a seaside town located in Cornwall within the United Kingdom. It was considered to be the Best UK Seaside Town by the British Travel Awards in both 2010 and 2011. Also, many artists now call this small village home. It is important not to confuse this area with a smaller location that is also known as St. Ives in Dorset.

The Best Times to Visit St. Ives

One of the best aspects of St. Ives is that it lies upon one of the southernmost points within the United Kingdom. Unlike other locations, this town is known for its rather warm winters and summers that are cool and dry. However, spring and autumn are known to bring a great deal of rain from the Atlantic storms that frequently buffer the coast. Those who are hoping to enjoy more agreeable weather conditions are advised to visit between the late spring and the early summer. During the height of the summer, there will be many tourists here and prices also tend to rise slightly.

The Best Things to do in St. Ives

St. Ives Bay is likely to be the most recognisable attraction to be found here. During the warmer months, many will flock to its sandy shores and enjoy a dip in the water. So, swimming is a popular attraction found here. However, the coastline and the docks are quite picturesque and due to the influx of tourists, there are a number of bed and breakfast hotels alongside restaurants to be encountered. Some other notable towns and villages found nearby include Carbis Bay, Connor Downs, Lelant and St. Erth. These are all tranquil towns that are worth a closer look.

Paradise Park is a large zoo situated not far from St. Ives. It is currently home to an organisation known as the World Parrot Trust and the zoo has over 650 different species of birds and animals on display. A convenient railway is one of the aspects which sets this attraction apart. Between the months of April through October, visitors can ride on this classical transit system to enjoy an excellent view of the different species found within. As the park was first opened in 1973, it is quite modern in design.

The Barbara Hapworth Museum is a large outdoor sculpture garden to be found here. There are many works of art that are on display and even her workshop when she lived at this location until she died in a fire here at the age of 72. Once again, this is a great option for the entire family while its tranquil confines may provide some respite from the tourists that are present within the town during the warmer months.