Sorrento Holidays

Sorrento A

Situated on one of Italy’s most stunning coastlines, the picturesque town of Sorrento has long established itself as a destination for those looking for a relaxing beach break. However, Sorrento is not your average beach destination. Indeed, Sorrento has a plethora of historic attractions, including a virtually untouched old city and a number of interesting buildings.

Where To Stay

Accommodation is readily available throughout the year. However, if you plan on visiting Sorrento during the popular summer months, it is a good idea to book in advance. This is also the case if you plan on visiting the city during November when the film festival takes place. Sorrento has a fantastic range of accommodation to choose from. For those on a budget there are small guesthouses and hostels which promise a basic but comfortable stay. At the other end of the spectrum, there are luxury hotels housed in historic buildings, many of which offering stunning views of the Bay of Nepal.

When To Go

Autumn and between April and early June are the best times to visit Sorrento. During these months the weather is warm enough to swim in the sea but not unbearably hot (indeed, summer here can be very uncomfortable!) and the resort is not overcrowded. However, you will need to make sure that you have accommodation booked in advance if you want to visit Sorrento for Easter.

What To Do In Sorrento

Despite its coastal location, Sorrento is not particularly famous for its beaches. This is due to its clifftop location. Nevertheless, there are some pleasant beaches to be found around both of Sorrento’s marinas, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. While these are the main beaches, other beaches can be found around the cliffs. Most of the beaches will charge you a nominal entrance fee but there are some free sandy beaches with decked jetties in the nearby area.

The Duomo, Sorrento’s Cathedral is perhaps the city’s most iconic landmark. Situated on the Corsa Italia, the cathedral has an impressive but unassuming exterior. However, upon entering the cathedral travellers are often surprised by how colourful and exuberant the cathedral’s interior is. Indeed, the cathedral is beautifully designed and has stunning frescoes created by local talent.

Another religious building of note is the Basilica di Sant’Antonio. This is the oldest church in Sorrento and is named after the town’s patron saint. The church is home to a number of interesting roman artefacts, some medieval paintings and, bizarrely, a pair of whale ribs as the patron saint is famed for rescuing a child from the stomach of a whale.