Sao Paulo Holidays

Sao Paulo

Boasting a population of more than 11 million, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Latin America and the third largest city in the world. Despite its already heaving population, this vibrant city attracts a further 10 million visitors every year.

While Sao Paulo lacks the beautiful beaches seen in other Brazilian resorts, like Rio de Janeiro, it is rich in cultural heritage and has a vibrant nightlife.

One of the first places you may want to visit is the Banespa Skyscraper, Sao Paulo’s answer to New York’s Empire State Building. Up until 1948 this 161.22 meter high skyscraper was the tallest concrete structure in the world. It’s free to ascend the building and after riding the elevator up 35 floors you are rewarded with a stunning panorama of the city below. Remember to bring some ID with you though!

The Musea de Arte de Sao Paulo, sometimes simply referred to as ‘MASP’, is the city’s pride and joy. It is a must-visit for all art enthusiasts or those who want to learn a little bit more about Latin America. The museum is home to the largest collection of Western art in Latin America and also has a number of interesting paintings and prints from Africa and Asia. If you are visiting Sao Paulo on a weekend, you may want to take a look at the large antiques fair that is hosted on the plaza outside the museum every Sunday.

While you are in Sao Paulo, thrill seekers may want to visit Hopi Hari, the second largest amusement park in Brazil. The park is divided into five themed regions, one area, Infantasia, is specifically designed with children in mind. The most popular attraction is Montezum, the largest wooden rollercoaster in Latin America and the world’s 8th fastest wooden rollercoaster.

In the evening there is always something fun to do in Sao Paulo. The local residents—who call themselves Paulistas—love eating out, so there is no shortage of restaurants! Be sure to try out some of local specialities, such as a virado à paulista and pastel. After having dinner you can spend the evening drinking and dancing in one of Sao Paulo’s underground bars and clubs.