Rwanda Holidays: All That You Need to Know

Rwanda is a landlocked country found within the eastern portion of Central Africa.  It is also one of the smallest countries on the continent with a land area of just over 26,000 square kilometres.  While this nation had been associated with a fair amount of internal strife in the past, recent years have seen a resurgence within the tourism sector.  A growing number of individuals are now choosing to visit Rwanda in order to better appreciate its culture as well as to catch a glimpse of some amazing wildlife.  Before you depart, what are some of the main sights to visit and what travel suggestions should you consider?


Natural Beauty

The majority of travellers will arrive here to partake in the natural splendour associated with the country.  Indeed, there are a host of amazing natural parks and preserves to choose from.  Some of the most highly recommended include:

  • Volcanoes National Park
  • Mount Bisoke
  • Mount Gahinga
  • Lake Ruhondo
  • Lake Burera

You could also elect to visit nearby Nyungwe Forest, as this large rain forest is known as being home to many unique species of monkeys and birds.  While there are clearly marked hiking trails found within, it is highly suggested that you hire out a guide during your trip.


The Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

Rwanda made headlines during the 1990s for the genocide that took place.  This event has been memorialised thanks to the presence of the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.  Located not far from the city of Kigali, it is said to be one of the most popular attractions to visit if you hope to further appreciate the diversity of culture to be found here.


Museums and the Arts

Rwanda boasts its own unique history as well as some splendid examples of Central African art.  If you are interested in either, you can always visit the Rwandan Ethnographic Museum and the Inema Arts Centre.  The Presidential Palace Museum is another worthwhile venue to check out and it is not located far from the capital city of Kigali.


Urban Attractions

Kigali is generally the city which visitors frequent the most due to its somewhat modern infrastructure as well as the fact that many locals speak English.  Some spots to check out include the Ivuka Arts Studio, the Sainte-Famille Church, the Niyo Arts Gallery and the Kandt House Museum.


Travel Suggestions

Although Rwanda is generally considered to be a safe country to visit, it is best to stick close to the cities.  If you happen to choose a safari or a mountain trek, always take along accredited guides.  These experts are also quite useful in terms of informing travellers about the local wildlife.  Exchange your money before you depart from the United Kingdom.  While the Rwandan franc is worth less than the British pound, you will be charged high commissions if you choose to exchange funds at the local airport.  It could also be a good idea to use travellers cheques, as most major hotels accept this option as a form of payment.  The chances of theft are also much lower.  As when travelling to any foreign country, a bit of common sense can go a long way towards a safe journey.