Rio de Janeiro Holidays

Rio de Janeiro

For those considering a short or extended holiday there are various all inclusive deals available for Rio de Janeiro. The city is situated on the Atlantic coast of Brazil near the Tropic of Capricorn, with an east to west coastline, marked by a point of land named the Sugar Loaf.

For holidaymakers who like to have entertainment available twenty four hours a day, an all inclusive holiday in Rio de Janeiro could be considered the ultimate escape. This is a city that has a flow of life whether on the beaches, its nightlife or especially during the amazing carnival in February. For the Rio Carnival, now is the time to start looking for cheap deals and bargains.

Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the main tourist resort of Brazil, and with a mixture of luxury and cheap accommodation and all inclusive package deals, it attracts more visitors during any year than any other South American city. With world class luxury hotels and about eighty kilometres of beaches, the city is able to boast a thriving and vibrant tourist haven.

Rio de Janeiro is unique in that it has what could be described as a built-in tourist map. There are divisions of the city referred to as Zona Norte (North Zone), centre (Centro), suburbs and the Zona Sul (South Zone). Most of the tourist attractions, luxury hotels and beaches are located in the South Zone (Zona Sul), and that is usually the where most family holiday time is spent. The North Zone (Zona Norte) has various historic locations of interest, with the centre (Centro) being distinguished by having most of the churches and museums.

Historic Centro and a bar in Ipanema

The Centro (city centre) is an essential part of any holiday because of its historical influences. Strolling between the old and new architecture you are able to view some of the most magnificent of churches. For the whole family, it is a historic journey that will provide memories for many years and should form part of any holiday package bargains.

Part of your all inclusive holiday and for a variety of restaurants, shops and the beach, should be Leblon, which has a certain charm. Another similar resort but probably the most famous and one that sets the feet tapping with local rhythm is Ipanema. Helô Pinheiro is recognised as being the inspiration for the sixties song, “Girl from Ipanema”. Enjoy a casual drink in the bar she used to visit every day. For relaxation there is a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes and a pleasant beach which has a bustle and energy of its own. Copacabana is an extremely busy resort with a superb beach and an extensive choice of cheap hotels. However, it is usually recognised for its nightlife and cabaret shows.

Carnaval time in Rio

“Carnaval” is the renowned annual celebration which attracts and encourages tourists to take advantage of an all inclusive holiday package. It is founded on the Roman Catholic tradition of celebration before the sobering forty days of the Lent penance. During the first half of the twentieth century, the influence of the throbbing beats of the Brazilian – African drums become pronounced, and which today have the vibrant spirit of music that is typically associated with Brazil. This is the time when holiday bargains are sought by tourists seeking a lifetime experience in 2013.

Public transport

There are varied methods of travelling in Rio de Janeiro if you have taken advantage of a cheap holiday package with the family. Apart from the intercity lines there are more than four hundred municipal bus routes which serve over four million passengers every day. This type of transportation is cheap, but there is now an emphasis on trains and subways, designed to reduce the volumes of traffic on the roads and increase capacity.

For any family on a cheap holiday, travelling on buses and trains is an interesting experience in any country. They help you understand and mingle with the friendly local people and become a part of their way of life. There are two subway lines (Metrô Rio) in Rio de Janeiro that provide cheap transport for a family holiday. It is a safe and clean method of public transport, and provides a service to the city seven days a week.

A unique experience for a family who could be enjoying their all inclusive holiday package in Rio de Janeiro is to travel on the historic electric tramway. It is the oldest in South America and utilised mainly as a tourist attraction, but also by some of the local commuters. The Santa Teresa Tram (Bondinho) is a piece of South American history and is a fun, fast and cheap method of seeing the different parts of this city of contrasts.