Rhodes Holidays

With more than 300 sunny days a year and stunning beaches, it is easy to see why the largest of the Dodecanese Islands is a popular destination for holidaymakers. However, the charm of Rhodes extends beyond its beaches. Indeed, the island is home to a number of cultural attractions and has some of the best nightlife in Greece.

The most popular time to visit Rhodes is during August. While this is when the island experiences its best weather, it does tend to get somewhat overcrowded. As a result, May to June and September may be the best time to go if you want to avoid the crowds. The weather is still pleasant during these months and bars and restaurants are still open for business.


After the capital, Rhodes has the most accommodation per person in the whole of Greece. Most of the accommodation in Rhodes comes in the form large holiday resorts and touristy hotels which are situated a stone’s throw away from the beach. There are also a number of boutique hotels scattered throughout the island if you are looking for somewhere a bit different to stay. Self-catering apartments or apart-hotels are often a popular option with families and groups as they offer more space. These too are readily available throughout the island.

Scuba Diving

With crystal clear waters and plenty of interesting sea life, it is easy to see why Rhodes is a popular destination for scuba diving. There are a number of dive schools throughout the island where you can take a range of courses or try out diving safely for the first time. If you don’t fancy scuba diving, you can always grab a mask and snorkel and explore the waters.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is the most popular destination on the island and it is easy to see why as this interesting town has so much to offer. Rhodes Town is a city of two parts as it consists of a distinct Old Town and New Town. The Old Town of Rhodes Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the cobbled streets are lined with fascinating architecture and handicraft shops. The New Town occupies the northern part of the town and is characterised by upmarket shops and bars overlooking the waterfront. While the New Town may not have the historic charm that the Old Town possesses, there are plenty of hidden gems in the way of bars and bistros in the backstreets.


After Rhodes Town, the second-most popular place to stay in Rhodes is Lindos. The town of Lindos is incredibly picturesque with its whitewashed town and silver cypress trees. The town of Lindos comprises of labyrinthine passages lined with interesting edifices and quaint bars and cafes. The Acropolis is a must-visit when in Lindos. Situated on the top of a rock 116 meters high, the fortified citadel is home to a number of fascinating archaeological treasures including the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia which dates back to 300 BC.