Poland Holidays at a Glance

Poland is located within Northern Europe and it has enjoyed a long (and sometimes turbulent) history. One of the most interesting aspects of this nation is that it has been contest be several rival powers in the past. The Soviet Union and Germany are the two most relevant examples in recent times. This has allowed Poland to develop a rich and proud culture. When such an attribute is combined with impressive museums, large urban centres and natural attractions, we can clearly appreciate why Poland is such a popular destination for international visitors. What are some of the main sights to see and why should you plan ahead before your departure?

The Main Attractions

Before mentioning the modern sights and the natural beauty, it is only responsible to take into account the unique place in history that Poland occupies; particularly in reference to the Second World War. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum is frequented by thousands of visitors each year and it continues to represent an important (and poignant) portion of the history of this land. Even if you are not of Jewish descent, it is wise to visit this location in order to appreciate the not-so-distant past.

Another interesting sight is the Wieliczka Salt Mines. While quite surprising, salt was actually the third-most important export of Poland for centuries. This is primarily due to the fact that it was used to cure meat and fish. These mines were carve out with human muscle alone and an entire cathedral was built directly into its walls. The mine is actually still active to this day. There is a hotel located deep underground as well as a health centre for those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma (the air is free from bacteria and is maintained at a constant temperature).

Warsaw is definitely one of the must-see cities within Europe. Besides offering a plethora of modern amenities, this location is famed for its contribution to the sciences. If you have been looking to get an up-close and personal view, be sure to check out the world famous Copernicus Science Centre. It is located within the centre of the city, so arriving here is generally not an issue thanks to the numerous public transportation options.

In terms of nature, it is always wise to visit Bialowieza Forest. This is a unique location due to the fact that most scientists believe it to be the last remaining portion of the primaeval forests that used to cover the ancient European continent. Much of these forests remain closely guarded by the local authorities and yet, it is still possible to walk within its vast confines and to experience a bit of nature that is all but lacking within the major urban centres of Poland.

Tips to Have a Great Holiday

Always take into account exchange rates between the euro and the pound although in recent times, these have approached parity. Also, Poland can be quite cold and dark during the winter months. If you are planning outdoor adventures, it is wise to visit between the early spring and the late summer to enjoy warm temperatures and rain-free days.