Down Under Adventures in Perth: Your Quick Holiday Guide

Perth is the largest city and the capital of the state of Western Australia. Originally founded in 1829, this location, as well as the surrounding areas, are home to a sizeable portion of the population of the entire country. This is also why Perth is an extremely popular tourist destination throughout the year. if you are considering a trip down under, frequenting Perth attractions is an absolute necessity. Let us take a look at some popular sites as well as how to bets plan ahead for such a journey.

The Perth Cultural Centre

This location is arguably the most important venue to visit during your stay here. It is home to a number of well-known museums and institutions such as:

– The Art Gallery of Western Australia
– The Western Australian Museum
– The State Library of Western Australia
– The State Theatre of Western Australia (home to the famous Black Swan State Theatre Company)

It is always wise to check the itinerary in regards to what is being offered, as the associate exhibitions tend to change and update on a regular basis.

The Perth International Arts Festival

This is the most well-known festival within the city and it takes place on an annual basis. The festival includes exhibitions from local as well as international artists; an excellent opportunity to obtain a greater appreciation of the Australian culture as a whole. It has been held since 1953 and its influence within the world of art and music continues to be felt well into the 21st century.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is another must-see location during your tour of the city. The park overlooks the nearby Swan River and it is also home to several monuments dedicated to those who fought and died in previous wars. Its open-air nature makes this location the ideal spot to absorb a bit of Australian sun and there are guided tours offered on a daily basis. Many feel that this is also a great spot to take the family on a picnic to escape the hustle and bustle often attributed to the city centre.

Swan Valley

If you have been looking to experience a bit of traditional Perth, Swan Valley is the ideal solution. Thanks to its unique climate and soil, Swan Valley has been known as one of the most important centres of wine production within Australia. You can enjoy wine tasting tours as well as excursions to the nearby countryside. River cruises and a selection of high-class gourmet shops are added bonuses which should never be passed by.

Flights to Australia can be quite expensive and it is therefore a wise option to make reservations at least 16 weeks in advance of when you plan to depart. Also, keep in mind that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere. Visiting during the winter months within northern regions will provide you with a welcome respite from the cold.