Oslo Holidays

Oslo is the capital and the most populous city of Norway.  It was founded as far back as 1040 although research indicates that it was informally populated for centuries prior.  According to the latest census, this city is home to 1.71 million residents (including outlying areas).  Oslo is considered to be the economic and governmental centre of Norway and it is also a “global city” in terms of social advancements and opportunities.  There are also several respected universities found within its confines and these have attracted a growing number of international students; particularly from regions such as the United Kingdom and Southern Europe.  Still, this city is a renowned tourist destination and it has much more to offer than universities alone  We will now take a quick and thorough look at some of the primary attractions associated with Oslo before examine what time of the year could be the most appropriate to visit.

What Can You Expect When Visiting Oslo?

Oslo is home to several extremely well-known museums and art galleries. If you are a fan of history or Scandinavian culture, always make it a point to include a few of these locations within your itinerary.  The Vigeland Museum is dedicated to artist Gustav Vigeland and it currently houses over 200 of his most famous works.  However, the real gem to be found within Oslo is the Viking Ship Museum.  This is actually the only museum in the world which houses a real Viking ship that was salvaged after spending hundreds of years underground.  Other locations include the National Museum and Folkemuseet (a museum dedicated to preserving the folk culture of ancient Norway).

Oslo is also famous throughout the world of its music and events.  The Oslo Jazz Festival is a perfect example.  Normally held during the summer (dates will vary), this six-day celebration attracts some of the most respected jazz musicians from abroad.  Additional worthwhile festivals to consider include the Church Festival (held since 2000) and the Oslo World Music Festival (showcasing local and national talents who are expected to become international stars).  Please note that there are also over 20 theatres which cater to concerts and the performing arts.

There are likewise some great outdoor parks if you plan on arriving here during the warmer months of the year.  Vigeland Sculpture Park is associated with stunning works of art while Frogner Park is a great option if you have been looking to escape the crowds associated with the city centre.

In terms of natural excursions, make it a point to plan a trip to the nearby fjords.  These offer truly amazing views of the countless lakes found throughout the region and these tours are generally available throughout the year.

When to Visit

While there is no doubt that Oslo is beautiful during the winter months, it can also be quite cold.  You might instead prefer to visit in the early summer or early autumn.  The main reason why it is best to avoid the height of the summer months is that the number of tourists can be overwhelming and prices for food and accommodations have been known to rise substantially.  So, always be sure to plan ahead in order to obtain the most amenable packages.