Oslo Holidays

Oslo A

Oslo is the capital and the largest city in Norway. Founded approximately 1000 AD, is also considered a city to be continuously inhabited since this time. It is a hub of government, trade, banking and culture. As Oslo is located within the southern portion of Norway, its climate is much more agreeable than other northern locations. Thus, it is very popular as a tourist destination.

The Best Times to Visit Oslo

As with most cities found within northern Europe, Oslo can be quite cold in the winter (even if it is found within the southern portion of the country). However, this is also the time when the number of tourists is the lowest. It is therefore a trade-off between temperature and relaxation. Still, many believe that the best times to visit are either in the early autumn or the late spring. The temperatures are not yet too harsh while the summer tourist season is not a factor.

Things to do in Oslo

Oslo is home to some respected international museums. The Munch Museum is one of the most famous, as it contains the acclaimed work titled “The Scream” as well as other masterpieces. The aptly named National Museum is seen as being the most eclectic in terms of art and sculpture. Those who have a keen eye for history will likely be impressed by the Viking Ship Museum, as it houses three original Viking ships which are almost completely intact. Other venues to explore include the Nobel Peace Centre and the Jewish Museum in Oslo.

Many will be surprised that Oslo is famous for its Jazz circuit. During the warmer months of the year, there are a number of outdoor festivals which host some of the most respected names in the industry. For example, Oslo Jazz is a six-day event that is held each year during the month of August. “Oya” is a large rock festival that is said to draw more than 60,000 attendees annually. The Oslo World Music Festival is another must-see event, as it showcases international singers who are not yet known in Norway itself.

Frogner Park will provide the visitor with an excellent means to snap a few well-placed photos during their stay. It is truly massive; 450,000 square metres in size. It has existed as a park since the 18th century, explaining its rather Baroque appearance. A large monolith is found at its centre and just outside of its confines are municipal baths. These are very popular during the colder months of the year. Finally, there is a large sculpture within the park that occupies an additional 80 acres. The park can be accessed by public transportation services and those who wish to attain a bit of sun will not be disappointed with what is offered within this massive green escape from the city proper.