New Zealand Holidays

New Zealand is an island-nation located within the eastern portion of the Pacific Ocean.  It is actually one of the most regions on the planet and yet, it is also a modern centre of culture and commerce.  Due to British colonisation during the 18th and 19th centuries, New Zealand has enjoyed a steady relationship with the west and millions of residents call this country home.  Countless tourists wish to experience all that this nation has to offer and in order to fully appreciate what is in store, it is always a good idea to take look at what you can expect as well as a handful of the best attractions to experience.

What to See and Do

Milford Sound is definitely a must-see location.  This body of water is found in the souther western portion of South Island.  So, it is rather temperate even during the winter months.  We should also mention here that this location is home to the famous Mitre Peak; one of the highest mountains found within New Zealand.  Rainforests abound here and you can likewise visit some breathtaking waterfalls including Bowen and Stirling.

Tongariro Natural Park is a great idea if you have been hoping to take a walk on the wild side.  This natural volcanic landscape is quite different from its surroundings and it always appears as if it is entirely out of place.  Of particular interest are the cerulean blue lakes which are dotted throughout the landscape.

Adel Tasman Natural Park is another great area to visit, as it is located in the centre of the islands and it is easier to access than more remote locations.  Some of the best beaches in New Zealand are found here and when the waves are high. You should surely expect to see a few surfers out on the horizon.  Large granite cliffs can be seen in the distance and there is a hiking trail perfect for beginners.

Please note that while these natural locations are undoubtedly amazing, it is always wise to spend at least a few days within the capital city of Christchurch.  This is the largest metropolitan district within New Zealand and you will be able to encounter high-end shops alongside open-air markets to pick up a few trinkets before you leave.

Travel Tips and Tricks

The biggest mistake that travellers tend to make is to forget that New Zealand lies within the southern hemisphere.  The seasons here are therefore reversed.  Winters fall between June and September while summers occur from October until April.  Another key point to mention is that the New Zealand dollar is comparable in value to the United States dollar (although the relationship will naturally fluctuate).  If you are arriving here with euros or pounds, use a private bank exchange service as opposed to employing an airport transfer agency.  You will be charged very high commissions otherwise.  New Zealand is also a very large country from north to south, so try to book a holiday that lasts at least one week in order to be able to absorb all that this amazing location has to offer.