The Allure of Mykonos Holidays

Mykonos is a Greek island which forms a large part of the Cyclades chain. While there are thousands of tiny pieces of land within this archipelago, Mykonos is certainly one of the most famous due to its natural beauty, its lively cities and its historic flavour. This is also the reason why thousands of individuals from across the United Kingdom choose this location as their holiday destination of choice. What does Mykonos have in store and what are some of the must-see attractions during your stay here? Let’s take a closer look.

Fun in the Sun: The Best Beaches and Natural Areas to Explore

Thanks to the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea as well as a rather stable climate, the island of Mykonos is associated with some of the most splendid beaches throughout the entire Mediterranean basin. A handful of spots which deserve a closer look include:

– Platis Gialos
– Omos Beach
– Korlos Beach
– Kalafati

Kalafait is particularly known for its association with windsurfing and snorkelling; ideal if you are up for a bit of an adventure,.

There are also some wonderful nature preserves to be found here. The good news is that many of these locations are to be found quite close to the beaches themselves; an added benefit if you do not want to stray too far off of the beaten path. Preserves such as Fokos, Kalo Livadi and Psaros all deserve at least a day in order fully appreciate their natural splendour.

Historical Delights Galore

One of the most profound benefits associated with a holiday in Mykonos is that you will be able to experience living history. Many of the historical sites to be found within this island are in surprisingly good condition; offering up a unique perspective into the lives of ancient inhabitants. Not only is the Old Town of Mykonos known for its amazing architecture, but there are a handful of other locations which are ideally suited for the entire family. Some very popular archaeological sites include (but are certainly not limited to):

– Ano Mera
– Ancient Delos ( a town found upon a small island. Boats will provide daily excursions here).
– The Mykonos windmills

The Mykonos windmills are arguably the most well-known attractions to be found here. These sun-bleached structures have been in operation for hundreds of years and they are now considered to be an iconic landmark. Those who are looking for a truly spectacular experience are advised to head up here for a late afternoon picnic. Panoramic views of the countryside can be obtained and it has been said that the sunsets here are some of the most stunning in the world.

Mykonos can be visited throughout the year on account of its amenable climate. Still, it should be mentioned that summertime temperatures can be quite warm; sometimes exceeding 40ÂșC. This is why it is often wise to book reservations during the spring, winter or autumn. Be sure to make confirmations in advance in order to avoid any travel issues.