Malia Holidays

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Malia is a quaint coastal town found along the north-western coastline of the island of Crete. It is located approximately 30 kilometres outside of the main capital city of Heraklios. Malia is also thought to be the most popular resort town in Crete. Every year, thousands of tourists will arrive here to enjoy fun, sun and sand.

The Best Times to Visit Malia

As this city if found within the Mediterranean Sea, summer here can become quite hot. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach as high as 40 degrees for days at a time. So, many choose to avoid the heat a visit during the more temperate times of the year. It should still be noted that the holiday season (between early December and the middle of January) can be quite busy. Those who are looking to enjoy a more relaxed experience should instead choose to visit between the late winter and the early spring.

The Best Things to do in Malia

Knossos is the largest archaeological site on the entire island and it located conveniently close to the city of Malia. Dating from the Bronze Age, there are some truly magnificent structures to be experienced here. A charging bull fresco is certainly one of the most popular and due to the fact that the site had remained largely intact until is recent discovery, much of the artwork is in nearly pristine condition. Many feel that Knossos was a main religious and cultural centre for the Minoan civilisation; the purported predecessors of those who inhabited fabled Atlantis. Daily ours are offered and public transport is available to and from the site.

Of course, no tourist guide would be complete without mentioning the beaches to be found in Malia. The waters here are tranquil and the sands quit clean. It should still be noted that the central beaches can become extremely crowded during the spring and summer. Some of the spots that will offer a slight respite include Parthenis Beach ad Malia Central Beach. There are also a number of restaurants and bars which are located only a stone’s throw away from the blue waters.