Madeira Holidays

Home to beautiful and diverse landscapes, it is easy to see why the island of Madeira has been dubbed the Pearl of the Atlantic. This idyllic island is the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing break with plenty of sun.

Due to its enviable location, Madeira enjoys great weather throughout the year. Indeed, it seems that Madeira is in a state of perpetual spring. Madeira is exceptionally popular around Christmas and New Year, especially in Funchal. Madeira is also a popular destination for Portuguese travellers in the summer months. If you plan on visiting Madeira during one of these seasons, be sure to book your holiday well in advance.

Madeira Accommodation

Madeira has an excellent reputation throughout the world for the quality of its hotels. Indeed, most of the island’s hotels have at least four stars and state of the art facilities. Madeira’s capital has a great selection of high-end accommodation which ranges from sleek, modern high-rises to traditional grand hotels.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more low-key, Madeira has plenty of inns, pensions and bed and breakfasts. These offer comfortable rooms and are a great option for are looking for a more authentic Madeira experience.

What to Do in Madeira

If you enjoy walking, you will love Madeira! Madeira has a number of great walking and hiking opportunities. At 1,862m tall, Pico Ruivo is the island’s tallest mountain and it takes about an hour to climb to the top of the peak. Hikers will be rewarded with a spectacular view. The Levadas are another popular destination for walking. These are a network of former irrigation channels which run across the slopes of the island. There are more than 200 of these water channels in total.

Not only does Madeira have an interesting landscape, but its deep waters are interesting too as they are frequented by whales and dolphins. There are a number of tour operators throughout Madeira which offer whaling trips.

No trip to Madeira is complete without visiting the island’s vibrant capital, Funchal. The capital is home to a number of important landmarks, including The Municipal Square, a 15th century cathedral and a number of botanical gardens. Funchal is also the best destination on the island for shopping. Here you will find a whole manner of shops and numerous wine shops where you can pick up some of Madeira’s famous wine.