Kaohsiung Holidays

Kaosiung is a small municipality found not far from the Taiwan Strait in Tawain.  It is actually the largest municipality within this entire island-nation and thanks to recent economic development, Kaosiung has become known for its glittering skyline as well as a host of modern amenities.  Although the public transportation is quite new (founded in 2008), it is thought to be one of the most efficient within Asia.  There are likewise a host of historic locations to visit; a great way to absorb the local culture during your stay.  What attractions are worth a closer look at what are some suggestions to keep in mind when planning your next holiday?  Let’s make things simple by addressing these two questions in slightly more detail.

The Best Spots to Visit

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors within Kaosiung and the populace has done a great deal to promote their culture and unique history.  If you are a fan of modern structures, be sure to visit the city centre to appreciate such iconic locations as the Tuntex Sky Tower from along the tranquil Love River.  There are also many night markets which are organised on weekly bases.  These are great opportunities to pick up a few souvenirs during your stay.  The fact that the majority of the shopping districts within the city are found quite close to major transportation hubs makes arriving and departing a cinch.

There are just as many natural attractions to take into account; particularly if you are looking to escape what can only be called the hustle and bustle of city life.  The city is bordered directly to the north by the Central Mountain Range and daily excursions will provide you with some spectacular views of the nearby countryside. Mount Banping, Lotus Lake and the Dongsha Atoll National Park are also not to be missed.  There are a handful of diving excursions which are able to offer some excellent experiences immersed within coral reefs, but these are limited due to present environmental concerns.

The residents of Kaosiung are very proud of their history and this shows in the sheer number of museums which can be visited when you arrive.  These locations address numerous topics such as ancient indigenous cultures, Chinese rule, occupation by the British and contemporary topics.  There are more than two dozen venues to choose from, so be sure to research each one well in advance in order to determine which offers the itineraries which appeal to your tastes.

Travel Tips and Advice

Much like when travelling to any nation which does not utilise the pound as it primary currency, exchange your money before you leave.  The other option is to primarily utilise credit cards or travellers cheques; the majority of major establishments will accept this form of payment.  If you are planning to visit the countryside, it could be wise to invest in a tour guide who speaks the language.  You might otherwise miss out on what this unique culture has in store.  On a final note, try to avoid planning a holiday during the typhoon season, as your outdoor dreams could quickly be dashed by copious amounts of rain and wind.