Jacksonville, Florida Holidays: Your Ticket to the Sunshine State

Jacksonville was originally named after Andrew Jackson; one of the founding fathers of the United States. Boasting a history that can be traced back to colonial times, Jacksonville is a city steeped in culture while it also exhibits a truly modern appeal. Another benefit of this location is that it is quite easy to travel to other destinations such as West Palm Beach, Tallahassee and even the NASA Space Center. It is therefore perfectly reasonable that many international visitors choose to experience all that Jacksonville has to offer. If you happen to be one of these lucky individuals, you are likely curious to learn what is in store as well as what sights should never be missed. So, let’s now begin.

What to Expect When Visiting Jacksonville

As you should have expected, we will mention the beaches here first. Jacksonville is unique in the fact that while the city itself is located on the northern shores of Florida, the waters from the Gulf Stream allow its shores to be very warm throughout the year. The northernmost beach to be found here is Fernandina Beach and the southernmost is Jacksonville Beach. Jacksonville Beach is found relatively close to the city centre, so it could be a great place to start before examining other locations.

There is a wealth of nature to enjoy when visiting Jacksonville. First and foremost, the city is found along the famous I-95 corridor. This essentially signifies that you will be able to travel north and south with the help of a rental car in order to visit many locations on the east coast of Florida. In terms of location natural beauty, sights such as Amelia Island and the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens are obvious attractions; especially if you are arriving here with your family.

Jacksonville is also very famous for its rich history in terms of southern culture. Much like other locations within Florida, the city has been tied to the United States space programme and this can be seen when visiting the Museum of Science and History (found just outside of the city limits). Other worthwhile venues include the Kingsley Plantation, the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art. Assuming that you are bringing your little ones along for the ride, visiting the Hands-On Children’s Museum will offer them entertainment for hours and many of the displays are supervised.

It is a good idea to consider a car rental service when arriving to Jacksonville, as this option will open up an entirely new range of possibilities. You can visit other locations including (but not limited to) St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Gainesville and Lake City.

What to Consider

Florida can be quite hot during the summer and this is just as appropriate when referring to Jacksonville. If you are hoping to avoid the potential for bad weather (including the occasional hurricane), it is best to arrive in the early spring, the winter or the late autumn.