Isle of Wight Holidays

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Besides England proper, the Isle of Wight is the largest island in the UK and is found within the English Channel. This location was the residence of many famous poets such as Alfred-Lord Tennyson and even now, the summer homes of the rich and elite can be found here. It is also known for its well-protected wildlife parks; some of the most preserved within all of the United Kingdom. So, it is no surprise that the Isle of Wight is a popular destination for travellers from various parts of the world.

The Best Times to Visit the Isle of Wight

Like many regions in southern England, the Isle of Wight can be buffered by some rather severe wind and rainstorms during the spring and autumn months. It is always a good idea to make reservations for the summer when possible. However, this is also the time when the tourist season will be at its peak. Those who are hoping to evade such masses are therefore advised to visit in the late or early summer.

The Best Things to do on the Isle of Wight

The Amazon World Zoo Park is certainly an attraction not to be overlooked. It is known to house numerous species from lands as far away as South America and Africa (hence the name). Animals such as anteaters, parrots, ocelots and tamarins can be viewed here. In fact the only species of Brazilian porcupine in the United Kingdom is housed with this zoo. The Amazon World Zoo is a superb choice for those who plan to arrive with young ones.

Those who are fans of the maritime world should never miss a chance to visit the Classic Boat Museum that is located in East Cowes. It is also a working restoration ship where visitors can catch a glimpse of ancient construction techniques. There are several working boats on display here such as a 1920s river launch, a lifeboat from 1943 and an 1870s’ ferry names Black Bess.

Finally, the wonderful beaches here are certainly popular. Ventnor Beach is the one located farthest south and is generally thought to be the most popular. However, there are others that can offer a greater sense of peace. These will include Seagrove Beach, Steephill Cove and Bembridge Beach. All provide excellent backdrops for the photography enthusiast and they are great options when heading out with the family for a bit of rest and relaxation.