Honeymoon Holidays


After the stressful months of planning and organisation running up to the wedding, newlyweds certainly deserve a holiday to relax. In order to ensure that your honeymoon is a holiday to remember for all the right reasons, it is important that you spend some time planning and assessing the options available.

Before you start looking at the various locations and accommodation options available, it is important that you establish your budget and when you are planning on going. Traditionally, most couples go on their honeymoon soon after their wedding, so it is important that you pick a destination that has good weather around the time of the wedding. The summer is the best time to visit places in Europe and the Indian Ocean, while the winter is best for the Caribbean, Australia and Africa.

Top Honeymoon Beach Locations

When most people hear the word honeymoon, they instantaneously think of sugar white sand, palm trees and turquoise waters. Indeed, beach locations tend to be the most popular destination for newly-weds to spend their honeymoon. The Maldives is one of the most popular locations and it is easy to see why. The Maldives is situated in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. In addition, in the Maldives you will find a number of luxury resorts. Other popular beach honeymoon destinations include Mauritius and Seychelles.

Top European Honeymoon Locations

Honeymoons do not need to be in far-flung locations. Indeed, there are some wonderful locations to spend your honeymoon in in Europe. The romantic Italy is often a popular choice of destination with honeymooners. From the romance of Venice to the historic allure of Rome and Florence, there are plenty of honeymoon destinations to choose from. Paris is often a popular option for those looking for a luxury cosmopolitan holiday and the Greek islands are the perfect spot for a romantic villa honeymoon.

Alternative Honeymoon Locations

If you want to do more than relax in pool or by the sea, there are a range of alternative honeymoon destinations worth looking into. Safari honeymoons in Africa are becoming increasingly popular with newlyweds as it allows them to combine the relaxation of beach with the excitement of seeing some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife. If you fancy doing something more active like white water rafting or diving for your honeymoon, there are a number of specialist holiday companies that can help you put together your dream honeymoon.