All That You Need to Know About Holidays in Jordan

Jordan is a Middle Eastern country that would otherwise be landlocked except for a small stretch of land that borders the Red Sea. As this nation was under British control since the latter half of the 1940’s, it is also one of the most eclectic and democratic found throughout the region. This is also why Jordan has remained a very popular destination for tourists from the western parts of the world. If you are hoping to visit here in the near future, it is always wise to plan ahead. This is why we have put together this quick travel guide so you can known what to expect upon your arrival.


Amman is the capital as well as the largest city of Jordan. It is particularly known for the sheer number of ancient archaeological attractions which are found within its confines. The Amman Citadel, the Amman Roman Theatre and the Qasr al-Mshatta mosque are perfect examples of such a unique sense of history. As should be expected, you can obtain guided tours of these and other locations if you have been hoping to enjoy an up-close and personal view of what Jordan has to offer. Also, be sure to check out the shopping opportunities to be found along Rainbow Street.

The Ruins of Petra

Anyone who has ever seen the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will likely be familiar with this structure. The ruins of Petra have been carved into a solid rock face and they mimic the style associated with classical Greek architecture. They are thought to have been created around 300 BCE and they are arguably one of the most important archaeological finds in the world due to teh fact that they are extremely well preserved.

The Wadi Rum

This destination brings back memories of Lawrence of Arabia due to its iconic landscape as well as the plethora of Bedouin tents. Wadi Rum has now opened itself up to tourists and you can enjoy such adventures as sleeping in the desert or taking a ride on a camel. Be sure to bring the appropriate clothing, as the days can be quite hot while it is not uncommon for the temperatures to dip below freezing during the overnight hours.

Mount Nebo

This is one of the largest peaks within Jordan and it remains capped with snow throughout the year. Intrepid travellers have always been attracted to Mount Nebo due to its sheer height and size. Those who make their way to the summit can enjoy views of Amman, the Red Sea and even the hills of far-off Jerusalem.

There is no doubt that Jordan is one of the most popular countries to visit within the Middle East. As it is relatively warm throughout the year, you can plan your journey accordingly. Still, it might be best to book reservations during the spring or the autumn. There will be fewer visitors and the ticket prices are normally lower.