Holidays in China

Occupying over 9.6 million square miles, China is one of the largest countries on the planet.  Its 22 different provinces are home to well over 1.4 billion residents. Some archaeologists estimate that humans inhabited this land as far back as 2.24 millions years ago and if this proves to be true, China will be considered one of the oldest continuously populated regions in the world.  Such a unique history is certainly apparent on first glance and whether referring to the Great Wall of China or bustling cities such as Shanghai, the kaleidoscope of cultural attractions is perhaps only superseded by the natural beauty associated with this land.  Millions of tourists visit here each year and as opposed to travelling “blind”, let’s go ahead and take a quick look at a handful of locations to check out as well as some expert travel suggestions.

China: The Natural and the Surreal

We always need to mention the Great Wall of China before moving on.  Not only is this structure one of the seven wonders of the world, but it is the only man-made project that can be seen from the International Space Station.  The entire wall stretches out for nearly 22,00 kilometres in the northern portion of the country and it was primarily constructed to protect the population from invading hordes such as the Mongols.  Travellers attest to the fact that walking along this wall is associated with an amazingly timeless feel.

As opposed to the rather intimidating name, it is now possible for you to visit the Forbidden City if you choose.  This ancient palace and its surrounding fortifications were actually off limits to the public for hundreds of years.  Thanks to painstaking restorations, you will now be able to walk within its confines to appreciate the ancient Chinese culture.  Tours are offered alongside restaurants and art exhibits.

You have likely already heard of Tiananmen Square, as it was the site of the famous uprising during the final years of the 1980s.  While these events certainly brought this location to centre stage, it has always been a very famous destination due to its size as well as its function as one of the world’s largest meeting places.

If you are a far of art or history, you should always take some time out to visit the Terracotta Army.  These ancient sculptures are thought to date as far back as the third century BCE and they are arguably the most accurate representations of military life during this time.  They are also quite unique in the fact that they had remained untouched for thousands of years before only recently being discovered.  You can now cast your gaze upon innumerable terracotta soldiers frozen in place; seemingly waiting for the next command.

What to Take Into Account

Always plan your journey at least 12 weeks in advance and take into account the likelihood that you will require a connecting flight.  As this country is so very large, choose a specific region to visit and research its offerings; seeing the entire nation would take years to accomplish.