Hamburg Holidays

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Hamburg is the thirteenth-largest city within Germany and a popular tourist destination. In fact, its port is the second-largest within all of Europe. Due to its unique geographic location, Hamburg has enjoyed a long and eclectic history throughout the ages. One of the most affluent cities within the European Union, this region is also respected as a centre for the arts. It is likewise an extremely important financial centre.

The Best Times to Visit Hamburg

As Hamburg is considered to be a city in northern Germany, the winters here can be notably harsh. It is not uncommon for temperatures to fall well below freezing for even days or weeks at a time. Should you be concerned about the weather, it is best to avoid the months between November and February. The most temperate climate falls within the early autumn and the late spring. This will also enable you to avoid the masses of tourists that would otherwise be encountered during the summer months.

The Best Things to do in Hamburg

As mentioned previously, Hamburg is well known to be a city which has always espoused the arts. This can perhaps be seen no better than by visiting the numerous theatres to be found here. Some of the most famous and most respected include the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, the Thalia Theatre, the Ohnsorg Theatre and Schmidt’s Tivoli. Should you prefer English-speaking performances, be sure not to miss the English Theatre of Hamburg. Established in 1976, the majority of actors are of English origin and they will perform re-enactments of the most famous works.

There are countless festivals that occur here throughout the year. Should you be arriving with the family, be sure to visit the famous Hamburger DOM. This is a massive outdoor fair that offers fun and games for children and adults alike. As it is held three times each year, it is likely that you can fit this attraction into your itinerary. It attracts an estimated 10 million visitors a year and it is also referred to simply as “Volksfest” (the people’s festival). Every Friday when it is running, a massive fireworks display can be seen from nearly every location within the city.

Finally, the Port of Hamburg is another sight to be experienced. While it is true that is a major hub for European commerce, no expense has been spared to provide visitors with an amazing time. There are numerous bazaars, restaurants, outdoor parks and pubs to be enjoyed. During the first weekend of May each year, there is an event marking the “birthday” of this port. Such an event is one of the most popular in Germany and tourists will arrive from all over the world to take part in the festivities.