Gran Canaria Holidays


Gran Canaria has become an island paradise for many families, taking advantage of cheap package holidays and low cost flight deals. With many visitors returning to the island year after year, Gran Canaria offers tourists a unique experience whilst staying within a short-haul flight and being accessible by budget airline bargains. Holiday packages to the island are amongst the cheapest available, but lack the somewhat ‘tacky’ feel that many cheap holidays are renowned for. The island basks in some of Europe’s best weather, and enjoys warm sea temperatures and sunny days on the beach. With perfect blue water, temperate water, the opportunity to see dolphins and waves that have made the region famous for surfing; Gran Canaria is the destination of choice for sea lovers, whether they’re interested in sailing, deep sea fishing, windsurfing, diving, kite-surfing or snorkelling.


With some of the best courses and facilities in Europe, Gran Canaria is also a top destination for golfers, with the island hosting many tournaments over recent years. The combination of glorious weather and top local instructors has made Gran Canaria very popular with those who are looking to improve their game, and is an ideal destination for those who aspire to play with the best. Some online tour operators are now catering specifically for the golf market, and are offering all inclusive breaks for those who wish to sample the local game. This year there are many offers which make a golfing break to Gran Canaria within the reach of most budgets. From luxury hotels and all inclusive packages, to apartments on the beach and pay-as-you-play deals; there’s something to suit everyone in Gran Canaria.

Culture and society

The culture of Gran Canaria is strongly influenced by that of the Spanish mainland, with locals taking a relaxed and laid back approach to life. Away from the beaches which draw so many tourists, there is a wealth of history and culture on the island, which has been forged by invasions, occupations and the clash of cultures. From huge neo-gothic churches to aboriginal sculptures, Gran Canaria always has something new and exciting to be discovered. As an island which has been used as a base by countless sailors over the years, Gran Canaria has a murky history of being home to smugglers and pirates; and a ride in one of the recreated Pirate ships can be exciting for children who’re big fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The island has a diverse music, art and historical scene; and there are many museums and art galleries which will interest even fidgety children. If you’d like to see something more contemporary, there are a number of live demonstrations of local music and dance, and many of the authentic bars will have evenings where tourists can experience, and sometimes even take part in, these cultural events. Gran Canaria was also home to a mysterious aboriginal people, and traces of their traditions can be seen everywhere. In arts, crafts, food, religion and sport, the influences of Gran Canaria’s aboriginal people can be experienced most strongly.

Food and Dining

The people of Gran Canaria are proud to consider themselves to be foodies; using the island’s plentiful bounty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish in order to create some of the tastiest dishes in Europe. Tapas style meals are very popular, with dishes such as papas arrugadas (salted mini jacket potatoes) served alongsidesancocho (salted fish and sweet potato), carne de cabra compuesta (goat casserole) and conejo en Salmorejo (a rabbit dish). Restaurants, cafés and bars all serve delicious local food, produced with in-season fresh produce; and the recipes of Gran Canaria have something to suit all tastes. However, if you’re not feeling very adventurous, there are also a number of tourist bars and restaurants which are happy to serve fast food and British classics such as fish and chips. Kid’s menus are less common than in the UK, with children usually ordering a smaller portion of an adult meal.